The Most Egregiously Diabolical Crime of ALL Time

Based on indisputable scientific evidence, state-approved/MSM proliferated claims about flu/covid mass-jabbing are worlds apart from their design to mass-exterminate unwanted millions and billions of unwanted segments of societies throughout the US/West and worldwide.

Truth-telling researcher, Steve Kirsch, collected anonymous testimonies from healthcare professionals worldwide on what’s going on at medical institutions where they work — publishing their straight-talk remarks on his substack.

Their identity is concealed to protect them from virtually certain retaliation for refusing to go along with a code of silence on the most egregiously diabolical high-crime of ALL time.

Below are two links to:

Kirsch’s summary of their remarks, and

What they said in their own words.

If what’s below was included verbatim in a screenplay for a silver screen thriller, it would be the mother of all horror films when debuted. 

Read what’s below and tremble by learning about how regimes throughout the US/West and elsewhere plotted genocide on an unparalleled scale — in cahoots with Pharma profiteers and their MSM co-conspirators.


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