China Slams the Fake Biden’s Vow to Defend its Taiwan Breakaway Province

Representing an illegitimate regime — empowered by brazen election-rigging — the White House imposter is an unindicted war criminal and national embarrassment. 

On Sunday, the fake Biden again vowed to defend Taiwan if attacked, infuriating China.

On Monday, its Foreign Ministry responded, calling his hostile remark an unacceptable breach of longstanding “strategic ambiguity” and US vow of “no support for Taiwan secession,” adding:

“We are ready to strive for…peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and utmost efforts.”

“At the same time, we will not tolerate any activity aimed at splitting the country and will reserve the option to take all necessary measures.”

No one should underestimate Beijing’s resolve to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As explained earlier and again today in a same-day article, longstanding US One China policy is virtually null and void.

The Trump and illegitimate Biden regimes abandoned it while pretending otherwise.

Separately in response to the fake Biden’s unacceptable Sunday remark, Fudan University’s Taiwan studies director, Xin Qiang, said the following:

If hegemon USA “adheres to the (half-century-long) one-China principle and recognizes that Taiwan is part of China, which means the Taiwan question is China’s internal affair, why should the US talk about defending” what Beijing considers a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland.

As explained before time and again, the White House imposter knows little more that what’s scripted for him to recite or paraphrase by teleprompter or cheat sheets supplied him before appearing in public.

His remarks represent official US policy, not a slip of the tongue — other than at times using ill-chosen words over what seasoned diplomats would say to affirm the US position on various issues and relations with other nations.

On September 14, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee overwhelmingly approved the Taiwan Policy Act (TPA) of 2022.

Calling the breakaway province a “major non-NATO ally,” the measure  provides its ruling authorities with $6.5 billion in military aid over the next four years — to deter nonexistent “acts of aggression” by Beijing.

The TPA also calls for renaming Taiwan’s de facto US embassy in Washington the Taiwan Representative Office.

Last spring, China’s State Councilor and Defense Minister, General Wei Fenghe, stressed the following:

“Peaceful reunification (with Taiwan) is the greatest wish of the Chinese people, and we have the utmost sincerity and are willing to make greatest efforts to achieve that,” adding:

“We are still making every effort with the greatest sincerities to deliver peaceful reunification now.”

“The Taiwan question arose out of the weakness and chaos of the Chinese nation and is a legacy of China’s civil war, but it will surely be resolved as the Chinese nation achieves its rejuvenation.”

“Let me make this clear.”

“If anyone dares to split Taiwan out of China, we will not hesitate to fight.”

“We will fight at all costs. We will fight to the very end. This is the only choice for China.”

There’s no ambiguity about the intent of the provocative TPA.

It virtually abandons longstanding US One China policy.

It’s virtually certain to be overwhelmingly passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the White House imposter.

According to Chinese policy expert, Song Zhongping, it’s important for the PLA to be ready for possible direct Sino/US confrontation over Taiwan — because both wings of the US war party support the breakaway province in similar fashion to their use of Ukraine against Russia.

While the US drive for global hegemony hasn’t advanced as far in the Asia/Pacific against China as against Russia in central Europe, it’s heading this way because the empire of lies and forever wars tolerates no challengers to its rage for global dominance.

Separately on Monday, US 7th fleet commander, Admiral Karl Thomas, said China is militarily able to blockade Taiwan, adding:

Beijing’s navy is “very large,” modern and able to defend the nation’s offshore waters and coastal areas.

While China prioritizes peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law, it’s military is strong enough to defend its interests if hegemon USA pushes things too far.

A Final Comment

In May 2001, the real — then-Senator — JB responded to GW Bush’s vow to defend Taiwan if attacked, saying:

“The US has not been obligated to defend Taiwan since we abrogated the 1954 Mutual Defense Treaty… (what was) signed (into law) by President Eisenhower and ratified by the Senate.”

“The Taiwan Relations Act articulates, as a matter of policy, that any attempt to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means would constitute ‘a threat to the peace and security of the Western Pacific area’ and would be, ‘of grave concern to the US.’ ”

A White House imposter represents the real JB because he’s too cognitively impaired to serve in any public capacity.

He’s kept hidden out of sight who knows where — so he doesn’t accidentally pop up in public at the wrong time in the wrong place and expose the ruse.


2 thoughts on “China Slams the Fake Biden’s Vow to Defend its Taiwan Breakaway Province

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  1. Amen to all that you write, sir. The USA [whichever is the ‘regime of the day’] is not “exceptional” — it is “illegitimate” in act and fact. It’s all just a (floundering, flailing, failing) wanna-be empire of (Zioneocon-infused) illegitimacy; an embarrassment to nation and humanity.

    Taiwan = a “major non-NATO ally” … Give Us A Break!(away) chance to become — or resume trying to become, a la JFK — a welcoming light, a peace-seeking, active-listening participant in the global community of sovereign and proud nations.


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