Monday Edition of Trampling on Truth

MSM decline to its lowest ever level was never more apparent than on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Instead of setting the record straight on a clear good v. pure evil confrontation— what’s waged by Russia against the scourge of made-in-the-USA Nazified Ukraine — reporting on this cutting edge issue was collectively turned on its head and trampled on it for emphasis.

Hegemon USA weaponized the territory called Ukraine to wage war on Russia — ignoring the risk of crossing the line to direct conflict, the ominous threat of war between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

Things didn’t begin with the launch of Russia’s liberating SMO nearly 7 months ago, an act of self-defense.

They began decades earlier, especially since Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev.

Things then took a giant leap forward after undemocratic Dems stole election 2020.

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

US-dominated Western regimes are “constantly trying to sweep us into a corner because we have an independent position, because we maintain it, and because we call things like they are and do not engage in hypocrisy.”

Separately he said:

“They will always try to chain the bear.”

“And once it’s chained, they’ll rip out its teeth and claws. They’ll stuff it.”

They want Russia partitioned, weakened, plundered and controlled by the empire of lies and forever wars. 

“They (falsely) think they have won.”

“Do we want relations on an equal basis?” 

“Yes, we do, but on the condition that our national interests are respected in the sphere(s) of security and (the) economy.”

The Kremlin won’t permit Western regimes to transform Russia into a “soft toy” in similar fashion to what happened during its lost 1990s decade under Western darling Boris Yeltsin.

Sergey Lavrov earlier said the following:

“We have repeatedly stressed that attempts to speak to Russia using the language of ultimatums is totally unacceptable and will yield no results.”

Russia wants peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

At the same time, Putin stressed that if attacked, Russia will defend its sovereignty with the might of its overpowering military.

The US-dominated West has been attacking Russia by years illegal sanctions and other dirty tricks — things greatly escalated since its liberating SMO was launched.

At the same time, US/Western regimes have been waging proxy hot war on Russia since the 2014 coup.

Vladimir Putin authorized Russia’s SMO because over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian forces were mobilized in preparation to invade Donbass, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.

He acted to prevent what could have been disastrous.

Instead of explaining reality, MSM suppressed it to focus exclusively on the fabricated official narrative.

In its Monday edition of Big Lies and mass deception, the NYT falsely claimed that regime troops are “pressur(ing) Russian forces” in the Kherson Region (sic), adding:

“Ukraine has been pushing a counteroffensive in the south for weeks (sic), trying to wear down Russian fighters (sic) and force their surrender or retreat (sic).”

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight on what’s doing on in the region, saying:

Russian forces successfully repelled a number of “offensive attempts (by 3 regime) tactical groups,” inflicting heavy losses on them.

And what the Times laughably and farcically called “combat Joe (sic)” was worlds apart from my reality check description in a same-day article, saying:

The White House imposter is a know-nothing, mumbling bumbling buffoon, a figure hauled out to read or paraphrase lines pre-scripted for him to recite by his handlers.

And this Times trash:

“Russian soldiers…torture(d) rape(d) and executed (Ukrainian) civilians (sic).”

The Times and other MSM repeatedly blame Russia for high crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

And in pre-scripted remarks recited by the fake Biden, ones aired on Sunday, he turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Russia of “barbari(sm)” in Ukraine — a longstanding US, Western, Israeli, Nazi-infested Kiev specialty.

And this utter nonsense by the Biden regime’s so-called joint chiefs chairman, Milley, on Sunday to reporters at an undisclosed Pentagon base in Poland, saying:

Things aren’t “going too well for Russia right now (sic).”

As hegemon USA’s top warrior, Milley knows, or should know, that Russian forces have been smashing Kiev troops, eliminating most of their best trained and motivated ones — its Nazi thugs.

And Milley should also know that most US/Western arms and equipment sent to Ukraine were either destroyed by Russia or resold by deeply corrupted regime officials to terrorist groups and others by dark net transactions.

And this WaPo trash from its so-called editors:

“Russian forces…killed… at least 1,000 civilians (sic)…and destroyed…80 percent of Izyum (sic).”

As the regime, in cahoots with its US master, is falsely blaming Russian forces for mass graves in Izyum, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“It is the same (false flag) script like the one in Bucha.”

“It is a lie and we will (set the record straight with) the truth.”

Commenting on the unambiguous false flag, Russia’s envoy to Canada, Oleg Stepanov, called the phony accusation against Russian forces another “monstrous provocation…supplie(d) (by) the Kiev regime…to (US/Western) media” for them to feature in fake news reports, adding:

It’s no coincidence that an attempted Izyum false flag was rolled out “on the eve of the opening of High-Level Week (at)  the UN General Assembly to manipulate” what’s discussed about all things Russia and Ukraine on its platform.

WaPo editors featured the fake news in similar fashion to other MSM.

And this WaPo trash:

“There must be an urgent, thorough investigation into alleged crimes against civilians, followed by sincere efforts to prosecute perpetrators and hold them accountable (sic).”

“Anything less…would send an unacceptable signal to Putin that his troops can commit atrocities with impunity (sic).”

All the above rubbish — and plenty more like it — comprise indisputable evidence of how low MSM have sunk.

Their fake news trash and reality on the ground are light years apart — to their disgrace.


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