The Most Perilous Time in World History

The risk of escalating a clash of civilizations between hegemon USA and nonthreatening Russia to possible nuclear war reached an unprecedented level after undemocratic Dems usurped power by 2020 election-rigging.

US-dominated NATO’s war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers risks the unthinkable by accident or design.

Biden regime dirty hands were behind sabotage to Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany.

Their dominant hardliners permitted Ukrainian Nazis to damage the Crimean Bridge between the Russian republic and mainland.

Supplying the regime with arms, equipment and intelligence is all about waging perpetual war on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

According to analyst Doug Casey, things are at risk of spinning out of control because of the US 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, regime aggression on Donbass since that time and hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s longstanding war on Russia.

As for US-installed Zelensky, Casey called him “a corrupt nothing/nobody puppet (reinvented) into a (fantasy) hero,” adding:

“The strutting megalomaniac (was) paid at least half a billion dollars to be an authoritarian, jail opposition leaders, close down (opposition media), and build a secret (Nazi-infested) police force.”

“Ukraine joining NATO at this point would be asking for World War III.”

Whether a war-making alliance member or not, “chances of war between NATO and Russia are extremely high.” 

“Instead of talking about getting rid of Putin, the world would be better off (getting) rid of Zelensky” and his Nazi-infested regime.

In stark contrast, Casey called Vladimir Putin “the most cool-headed, the most thoughtful, and most perspective (of) European leaders” by far.

Separately, Russia’s lower house State Duma Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, said the following on Thursday:

“Nowhere in the world does anyone negotiate with terrorists.”

“If terrorist attacks by the Kiev regime continue, the response will be even tougher” than so far.

“All organizers and perpetrators of terrorist attacks must be found” and punished. 

“Those who resist must be destroyed.”

Separately, Volodin explained that Russian Monday and Tuesday strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure knocked out half of the regime’s ability to generate electricity.

And this straight talk from Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday, saying the following:

Russia’s nuclear doctrine is clear and unequivocal. 

“We envisage only response measures designed to prevent the destruction of the Russian Federation by direct nuclear strikes or strikes by other weapons that threaten the very existence of the Russian state.” 

Since the US 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, hegemon USA has been involved in waging war on Russia — by suppling the “neo-Nazi” regime it installed with arms, equipment and intelligence.

There’s “convincing evidence (that shows Biden regime involvement in) recuit(ing) mercenaries” for war on Russia.

Pentagon and CIA elements are directly involved on the ground in Ukraine, orchestrating and directing the regime’s combat operations.

And they forbid puppet Zelensky from engaging in conflict resolution talks with Moscow.

And throughout the US/West, war crimes and atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazis are swept under the rug and ignored.

The Zelensky regime “killed thousands of people using Western weapons in Donbass,” Lavrov stressed, adding: 

There’s “irrefutable evidence of gross violations of international humanitarian law and military crimes when it comes to prisoners of war.”

“They were shot in the head, with their hands tied behind their backs, and pushed into common graves.”

As for Russia’s SMO aims, they’ve been publicly explained, remain unchanged and will be achieved, Lavrov stressed, adding:

“We cannot permit Ukraine to create a permanent threat to the security of Russia.”

“I am referring to its potential accession to NATO and the deployment of weapons on its territory that would create such a threat.”

“The neo-Nazi elements of the current regime, which have taken root in the post-Maidan ground, are an extremely serious problem.”

“It must be dealt with as well.”

“I have no doubt whatsoever that our coexistence on the great European continent will depend on the eradication of Nazism in Ukraine.”

The regime and its US master “don’t care one bit about considerations of decency and honesty with regard to what they perpetrate.”

That’s the hidden meaning of hegemon USA’s diabolical “rules-based international order” — in flagrant breach of international and its own constitutional law.

On the issue of restoring peace to Europe, it won’t happen any time soon, clearly not as long as hegemon USA and its NATO vassals perpetuate war.

But rest assured it’ll happen.

Yet for how long before more conflict erupts is an open question.

Separately according to former Russian military intelligence officer, Yevgeny Krutikov:

“Russian foreign intelligence (explained) that Ukraine (was) transformed into a (Nazi-infested) fascist state…”

Russian Foreign Intelligence head, Sergei Naryshkin, accused “totalitarian” Western regimes of Ukraine’s despotic transformation — obliging Russia to combat it in self-defense.

And this revelation by analyst Batko Milacic:

From November 18 – December 3, 2021, POLARIS 21 military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea involved large-scale numbers of forces from the US, Britain, France and other NATO regimes.

According to, it was the “largest ever exercise” for French forces, half of its fleet and thousands of its troops involved, adding:

“POLARIS 21 (was) an unprecedented event” to strengthen cooperation among NATO member-states and “test multiple capabilities of” combined alliance air and sea forces with involvement of nuclear-armed vessels.

Milacic explained what the exercise was all about, saying:

Data obtained by journalists revealed information to show that its mission aimed to “prepar(e) NATO (for) armed conflict with the Russian Federation in the event of (its) intervention in Ukraine,” adding:

“(I)n response…NATO (regimes would) send an aircraft carrier strike group led by the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the combat area” to fight Russian forces in support of Ukrainian Nazis.

Things didn’t turn out this way so far.

Did the reality of Russia’s military superiority get hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes to back off — knowing that they have no defense against high-precision Russian Federation hypersonic missiles, ones able to sink hostile vessels involved in striking its forces.

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