Monstrous Miscarriage of Justice

On Wednesday, guaranteed speech, press and academic freedoms under the Constitution’s First Amendment suffered another significant body blow — en route to abolishing these most fundamental of all rights altogether in the US and West, based on the current trend.

After three days of deliberating phony charges against radio host/Infowars editor Alex Jones, a mind-manipulated six-member Connecticut Superior Court jury outrageously ordered him to pay $965 million in damages to families of alleged Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims.

A separate suit ordered him to pay $49 million in damages.

It was for truth-telling about what happened a decade ago in 2012.

In police state America — at war on humanity at home and worldwide — whistleblowers and other truth-tellers involved in exposing wrongdoing are considered threats to national security.

South Florida University (SFU) tenured Professor, James Tracy, was fired for revealing  inconsistencies and anomalies in the fabricated official narrative about the alleged December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shootings — calling it an “elaborate hoax.”

Following earlier show trial proceedings, distinguished truth-telling academic, James Fetzer, was ordered to pay $450,000 to Leonard Pozner — for setting the record straight about what really happened at Sandy Hook.

In his book, titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” Fetzer debunked the fabricated official narrative by indisputable facts.

Convenient patsy, Adam Lanza, was falsely blamed for invented crimes

Tracy explained that “(p)hotographic and video evidence (was) lacking in terms of its capacity to demonstrate that a mass shooting took place on a scale described by authorities,” adding:

“(N)o visual evidence of Lanza’s violent entry” was available nor eyewitness testimonies, or what’s typical in a crime scene’s aftermath – “broken glass, blasted security locks and doors, bullet casings and holes, bloodied walls and floors.”

There was none of the above.

Sandy Hook was staged, not real, said Tracy, citing 10 reasons, as follows, explaining:

1. “Proof of deaths (was) suppressed.”

2. “Emergency protocols were not followed.”

3. “Drill protocols were” used instead.

4. There was evidence of “foreknowledge of the event.” 

5. Reports about weapons used were “contradictory.”

6. No evidence proved Lanza’s responsibility for the alleged shootings – after supposedly killing his mother, then taking his own life after the incident.

Dead men and deceased patsies tell no tales.

7. Authorities and MSM “displayed inappropriate behavior.”

8. Photos of the crime scene and victims “look(ed) staged or fake.”

9. The crime scene was deliberately contaminated, preventing a forensic investigation.

10. Alleged “(d)eceased children sang at the 2013 Super Bowl.”

In response to the unjustifiable ruling against him, Jones said the following:

“For hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can keep them in court for years.”

“I can appeal this stuff. We can stand up against this travesty, against the billions of dollars they want. It’s a joke.”

“This corrupt, dying political system wants to try to make me the devil.” 

“I’m not the devil, and God is my judge…” 

“This is how desperate the establishment is.”

“I am so honored to have this happening.”

“So we’re waiting while the judge sent the jury back out because they didn’t put decimals on how many millions I’m suppose to give…” 

“I don’t have 2 million dollar in cash.”

US dark forces want Jones, Fetzer, Tracy and other truth-tellers about vital issues silenced.

They want no public revelations about what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative.

Along with abolishing the rule of law, they want unchallenged control over nations worldwide, wanting them transformed into ruler/serf societies.

Throughout the US/West, tyranny is fast replacing what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

Along with gatekeeper Goggle, conventional and social media operate as foot soldiers of ruling regimes against truth and full disclosure on what’s crucial for everyone to know.

Sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative they suppress what exposes and debunks it.

And truth-telling journalists, independent media hosts, activists, academics and whistleblowers are at risk of being sullied, sued, censored and silenced.

And as unacceptable as things are already, brace yourself. 

The worst of times most likely lies ahead without mass resistance to prevent what US/Western dark forces plan.

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  1. I am confused. Are you saying that no student deaths occurred and the entire event was staged? I just saw Jones admit after the guilty verdict that the attack was real and students were killed. Please let me know if you have time, I am confused. Thanks


  2. Luv ya Stephen, I agree with you 85% of the time, but your belief that Sandy Hook never happened is absurd, destructive, idiotic and tarnishes and besmirches all the otherwise excellent work you’ve put out over the years.


  3. Thank you Mr Lendman for this truthful report.

    Jones earlier admission that the attack was real and students were killed was just to save his own skin. But when the Deep State became vindictive and wanting made an example of him, Jones now cornered has no more to lose and will fight back.

    We were all not at the scene of the alleged massacre and have to rely on the “evidence” presented by Police but this “evidence” is self-contradictory.

    As any truth-seeking person should do when there’s doubt about any piece of crucial evidence, there should be a full and impartial investigation which is not happening with the Biden administration fully-staffed by UNELECTED officials purportedly acting on behalf of citizens. Instead, courageous messengers are persecuted, bankrupted and jailed, if not murdered in jail.

    The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 was not by a fertiliser truck bomb but was definitely characteristic of thermite explosives. It was a test run for the 9/11 controlled demolition of the Twin Towers as a cover-up for their commercial failures. The Twin Towers were as strong as commercial high-rise buildings come.

    The fact that the Building Code was NOT changed after THREE (3, not 2) buildings were destroyed in the 9/11 bombing proves that the floors pancaked down NOT due to fire but because the columns were cut in quick succession using shaped thermite charges on every floor. The subsequent self-contradictory NIST report was a shameful testimony of its authors who are a disgrace to the Civil Engineering profession. Of course, the new One World Trade Center was designed and built to the SAME Building Code, proving that the NIST report was a lie and a cover-up.

    For starters, airplanes flying so close over surrounding high-rise buildings would have lost their wings well before impact unless the airplanes flew at landing speeds and had their slats and flaps fully extended to increase lift so as to reduce the proximity effect pulling the airplanes down towards the buildings. The purported airplanes were flying at cruising-speed wing configurations – a crucial detail missed by the video makers.

    Another illustration of the proximity effect is the grounding of the huge container ship Ever Given (twice the size of a Ford-class aircraft carrier) in the Suez Canal in March 2021. The proximity effect had pulled the bow to the nearest bank with the pull becoming stronger as the gap and to make an example of him decreased, in accordance with the elementary Bernoulli equation of fluid mechanics. The problem was the insufficient width of the canal to safely accommodate, at standard single-lane convoy transit sailing speed, for the ever-increasing ship sizes.

    Proof is that canal widening was soon started in July 2021 with aimed completion in July 2023. At this planned breakneck project completion timeframe of within 2 years, the affected 30-mile stretch will be widened by 131 feet and deepened from 66 feet to 72 feet, all occurring while the canal is in full use to its current capacity.

    The Ever Given’s crew were indeed very skillful in sailing the ship so far into the canal, given the very narrow margin for error. Strong winds and poor visibility will reduce this already narrow margin. Nevertheless, the shameful Egyptian authorities blamed and detained the ship and its crew until the hefty nearly billion-$ fine was paid by the ship’s owner, despite the incompetent Egyptian authorities allowing the Ever Given into the canal in the first place.

    Similarly, to the nearly billion-$ damage payment imposed on Jones for doubting the alleged massacre.

    There are Ukrainian Nazis hosted by Congress currently touring this supposedly Nazi-hating USA. Was the Holocaust real or a propaganda? I’ll let the reader decide.


  4. Sandyhook was just another staged event in the playbook of the Elite’s assault on the American pysche in order to traumatize the masses into a senseless void of gullibility unmatched in the historicity of civilization. You can add the Boston Marathon false flag hoax to this contrived and depraved act of enormity. An entire generation of self-induced stooges who are ready and willing to believe what their government wants them to believe as their ability to diligently and autonomously detect the truth of matters is undermined by their consummate ignorance. It is as Plato admonishes us 2500 years ago, ” Ignorance, the stem and root of all evil. ”


  5. The comments show an example of the gladiatorial slavery we live with every day. It comes from the constant poisonous lies we are feed everyday in Mythland.

    Truth is continually assaulted by the lies meaning to control you. Alex Jones and Lendman are all about truth. Everybody might mispeak or be wrong, but when you abandon honesty, you have popped your own balloon.

    How things could get so far as to call actual facts misinformation is unreal. People can sight government sources on anything related to the present Covid Con and get censored by the fact checkers, whoever they are.

    The Big Lie tool of propaganda calls for silencing the opposition to it. That opposition is called contamination and Alex Jones is good as any contamination as any and better than most.

    The #1 mission of government is to convince the citizens they are free when in fact there is a matrix of slaveries that keeps them small. The Alex Jones trial is the the Overseers contminating their own Biggest of Big Lies.

    I encourage everyone to learn about Ben Davidson.


  6. Hello Mr Lendman..

    RE: Alex Jones getting schupted… By the Professional Fux Artists

    I say.. Let’s make Lemonade, baby

    Alex Jones has a Play in the Playbook A Big Play.

    Mr Jones should Counter Sue the Stink Thusly

    Demand from the MSM and assorted complicit Criminals

    FB, CNN, NYT, WaPo, FBI, DNC, Joe Biden et al

    Billions BILLIONS for the False Information and False Flags

    1)…Hunter Biden Laptop Dis Information And subsequent actions, ” THROWING AN ELECTION”

    THATS $5 B right there.

    2)..Ghost of Kiev

    3)…Snake Island


    5)…Jan 6 FALSE FLAG


    7)…USA doesn’t have Troops on the Ground in the Ukraine

    8)..USA had no part in destroying the Pipeline or Kerch Bridge

    There’s 8 Candles for the Mitzah boy..!

    Ask for $12 BILLION TOTAL

    The Entire Population of the USA would be invested in at least one of those egregious lies


    Warmest Regards


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