Straight-Talk Remarks to the Press by Russian President Vladimir Putin

In sharp contrast to double-talking US/Western officials, Vladimir Putin says what he means and means what he says.

On Friday after a working visit to Kazakhstan, he said the following in response to questions asked:

At the previous day’s Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, leaders of participating nations agreed that “additional tools are needed and must be improved” to deal with today’s increasingly disturbing reality in Eurasia.

Despite everything thrown at Russia by US-dominated Western regimes, “our trade is growing and much faster than in previous years,” Putin explained, adding:

“We are developing new logistics chains, many of which are running across this region” cooperatively with many other nations.

“(N)ew opportunities for cooperation and for developing our own competencies are being created.”

Russia is also effectively confronting the scourge of state-sponsored terrorism and other security issues.

Together with its allies, Moscow is very “concerned” about US/Western support for Nazi-infested Ukraine along its border.

Commenting on Germany’s hostile Scholz regime, it went rogue by allying with hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s hot and sanctions war on Russia — self-inflicting harm by its actions.

“(T)he people of Germany, (its) economy…and businesses…are paying” the price for Scholz’s destructive policies.

Despite US sabotage of Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines to Germany, one of its four lines remains operational.

Yet despite what’s badly needed and readily available from Russia, “a decision has not been made and is unlikely to be made” on reversing policy by the Scholz regime.

Efforts by Turkish and UAE officials “to act as (conflict resolution) mediators” have gone nowhere because hegemon USA wants perpetual war on Russia by expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers and unparalleled sanctions.

As for the US-installed puppet Zelensky regime, it’s powerless with no say over anything related to Russia.

It follows orders from its US master, including Pentagon and CIA elements involved on the ground in orchestrating and directing its aggression since 2014.

On whether to talk with the fake Biden at the mid-November G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, Putin sees no need for it given dismal bilateral relations that at this time are beyond repair.

Because of what’s indisputable, there’s “no platform for any kind of negotiations at this point,” he explained.

While Russia will attend the summit, Putin hasn’t decided if he’ll go.

If explosives shipped from Odessa — used to sabotage the Crimean Bridge — were aboard a grain-carrying regime ship, “this would raise a big question about the continued functioning of that corridor,” Putin stressed, adding:

“But so far we have no such information.”

If that’s what happened, “we can just shut (the port) down” to prevent vessels from leaving or entering Odessa.

On mobilization of 300,000 reservists, “nothing is planned additionally,” said Putin, adding:

“The Defense Ministry made no proposals about this, and I don’t see any need for it in the foreseeable future.”

So far, “222,000 out of a planned 300,000” were mobilized.

Remaining mobilization “will be completed in about two weeks.”

“The line of contact is 1,100 kilometres long.”

It’s “practically impossible to hold it exclusively with contract soldiers, especially since they are taking part in offensive operations.”

“This is the reason for mobilization.” 

About “16,000 men are (already) in the units involved in combat missions.”

Separately, Putin stressed that Russia’s SMO has nothing to do with “destroying Ukraine. Certainly not.”

As for whether further “massive strikes” on Ukraine are needed, Putin said not now, adding:

“Other tasks are on the agenda because I think out of the 29 targets the Defense Ministry planned to hit, only seven were not.”

“But now they are dealing with them gradually.” 

“As for the future, we’ll see.”

On whether US-dominated NATO might send troops to aid Ukrainian Nazis, “a direct clash with the Russian Army is a very dangerous step that could lead to a global catastrophe,” Putin stressed, adding:

“I hope those who talk about this will be smart enough not to undertake such dangerous steps.”

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  1. The Dollar Empire has done in Germany while the War Pigs wallow in tens of $billions at the expense of inflating away the Wee People’s purchasing power.

    The cost of living increase for Social Security will be 8.7%. It’s not called Empire of Lies for no reason.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, US national security adviser–
    June 4, 2009 —


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