Showdown in Russia’s Kherson Region

Nazified Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA military is long on involuntary teen-aged to 60-year or older poorly armed and trained cannon fodder conscripts.

It’s way short of capable field commanders.

Russian forces eliminated the vast majority of its junior officer corp.

All regime troops — and strategic targets — are vulnerable to high-intensity/high-precision Russian long-range artillery, rocket and hypersonic missile strikes.

A showdown in Russia’s Kherson Region looms, mainly against Kherson city and surrounding areas.

On Tuesday, commander-in-chief of Russian forces involved in combatting the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine, General Sergey Surovikin, discussed a looming showdown in Kherson, saying:

“(T)ense” conditions in and around Kherson city require “difficult choices.”

Hegemon US-dominated NATO elements involved in orchestrating and directing Kiev’s aggression demand “offensive operations in the Kherson direction…regardless of (combatant and civilian) casualties…”

Russia is well aware of the planned operation.

It knows that — as ordered by its US master — the Kiev regime intends to target the Kahovskaya hydroelectric plant and Kherson city by USA-dominated NATO-supplied artillery and rockets.

The empire of lies and forever wars — along with its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis — will try to damage or destroy the area’s vital infrastructure and cause large-scale numbers of civilian casualties.

The vast majority of regime troops involved “have not been properly trained,” Surovikin explained, adding:

Involuntarily sent to frontline positions — and lacking the will to fight as cannon fodder — Nazified “barrier squads” are deployed to their rear with orders to “shoot anyone trying to leave…battlefield” positions.

Indifferent to the lives and well-being of its conscripts, “hundreds” of regime casualties occur daily.

Russia operates by a higher standard.

To avoid large-scale numbers of casualties, Russian forces are smashing enemy manpower, arms and equipment methodically.

“We are not aiming at fast-paced offensives,” Surovikin explained, adding: 

“We spare every soldier and methodically grind the enemy’s attacking forces.”

“This not only minimizes our own losses, but also significantly reduces the” number of civilian casualties.

On Tuesday, Kherson Region Governor, Vladimir Saldo, explained that civilians in harm’s way will be relocated to areas for their safety by Russian forces, adding:

“This decision (was) prompted by the creation of large-scale defensive fortifications so that any (regime) attack may be repelled.”

“Where the military operates…is no place for civilians.”

“Let the Russian Army carry out its task.”

Russia’s Kherson Region will be defended and protected by its forces, yielding none of its territory to Nazified Ukraine.

Separately, Russia and bordering Belarus created a joint force to defend and protect the territory of both nations.

On Tuesday, Belarusian Defense Minister, Viktor Khrenin, said the following: 

“Belarus and Russia (are focusing on) collective security.”

“The (newly created) joint military task force of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation is being deployed for armed defense of the Union State.”

“The task force is a complex system  of many components.”

Included are “management bodies of various levels, troops and various support systems.”

“Since the decision to set up the task force was taken in the Union State, various options for its deployment and use have been worked out.”

“Today, based on the evolving situation, we are acting step by step, implementing certain measures to get the task force ready to respond to emerging challenges and threats.”

“We are confident that all this will help us ensure security along the entire perimeter of the Union State in the Eastern European region of collective security.”

Belarus’ well-trained and armed military is in place to defend the nation capably against foreign threats.

“We’re not going to attack anybody,” Khrenin stressed.

The join task force with Russia “is purely defensive.”

Its mission is all about assuring “an adequate response to (US/NATO threats) near our borders.”

Since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev, Ukraine has been infested with US/NATO elements.

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began, their numbers likely increased exponentially.

They created the regime’s military for perpetual war on Donbass and Russia.

In retaliation against regime strikes on its territory, Russian forces are systematically taking out Ukraine’s power grid, its communications system, its command and control centers, and its ability to easily move troops, arms and equipment to frontline positions.

What began days earlier continues in response to no letup of regime terror-strikes on its territory — as orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA.

Internally, conditions in Ukraine are increasingly dire.

By methodically taking out the regime’s power generation ability to produce electricity, millions of Ukrainians will be challenged to survive frigid winter conditions in the dark with no running water.

They’ll be hard-pressed to secure enough food, medical care and other essentials — under a US-controlled regime only valuing them as expendable cannon fodder for perpetual war on Russia.

Without electricity and disrupted or destroyed rail lines, deploying troops, arms and equipment to frontline positions will be far more challenging.

After nearly 8 months of Russia’s liberating SMO, Ukrainian civilians are beginning to experience firsthand the devastating ability of Moscow’s overpowering military superiority.

Strikes on strategic targets in Kiev and other cities have only just begun.

The worst of it surely lies ahead as long as regime terror-strikes continue, as long as Ukrainian Nazis threaten Russian security.

No letup is likely until the scourge of Ukrainian Nazism is eliminated — until regime forces unconditionally surrender.

In the fullness of time, it’s coming.

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  1. The Vatican News today has several stories about Russian attacks on infrastructure and killing civilians but it never criticized Ukraine and the West for destroying Russian infrastructure.

    Judaism is the “woman” controlling the Vatican which in turn controls the world since the Dark Ages (Revelation 17v18: “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth”).


  2. “Nazified “barrier squads”: these were also the practices of Soviet cheka thugs during WWII, also known as Khazarian jews, and thus not german/nazi practices.
    Time to name names who are the real criminals at work.

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