Making Mountains Out of Molehills 

Instead of truth and full disclosure in reports on major domestic and geopolitical issues, MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging invent their own fake news reality.

See below.

On Monday, attempts by Ukrainian Nazis to strike Russian airfields in Ryazan and Saratov Regions by low-flying Soviet-era drones were largely foiled by Moscow’s superior air defense systems.

So was an attempted strike on an airfield in Kursk.

Monday strikes caused the deaths of three Russian military personnel. Four others were wounded.

Minor damage was reported.

According to Kursk Region’s Governor, Roman Starovoit, Tuesday’s strike set an oil tank ablaze.

Now contained, there were no casualties.

Superior to US/Western air defenses, Russian systems destroy incoming Ukrainian munitions with precision accuracy.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday:

Its armed forces “disrupted rail redeployment of Ukrainian reserves, foreign weapons, military equipment and ammunition to areas of combat operations.”

Despite regime attempts to disrupt “combat activity of Russian long-rage aircraft through a terrorist attack,” its Defense Ministry launched large-scale strikes with high-precision aerial and sea-based munitions “on (Ukraine’s) military command systems and related facilities, its communications hubs, energy system and military units.” 

“All 17 designated targets were successfully hit.”

No Russian hypersonic missiles were intercepted as falsely claimed by Kiev and its Western MSM co-conspirators.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again defied reality on the ground by the following rubbish.

“Ukraine show(ed) failures in Moscow’s air defense systems (sic).”

Largely foiled Monday and Tuesday strikes “signaled Kiev’s  determination that Russia pay a heavier price for its unrelenting assault on Ukraine’s infrastructure (sic).”

Citing a regime spokesman for its nonexistent air force, the Times admitted that damage to Russian facilities was “minimal,” while falsely calling attempted regime strikes “an alarming signal for” Russia (sic).

Claiming that regime troops are “taking the fight to Putin” ignored its greatly degraded state near collapse from hundreds of thousands of casualties.

And at this time, Russia continues to render the regime’s power grid inoperable, leaving millions of Ukrainians without electricity, heat, tap water and sanitation as winter approaches.

At its discretion, Russia can take out whatever it wishes to target in Ukraine.

To save civilian lives, its forces only strike military related targets.

The end result is clear.

The scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine is being eliminated.

It’s happening slowly instead of how the empire of lies and forever wars operates against invented enemies — uncaring of the human toll at home and worldwide.

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