Reality Check on Battered and Beaten Ukraine

Indian author, Arundhati Roy, once called her country a “limbless, headless, soulless torso left bleeding under the butcher’s clever with a flag driven deep into her mutilated heart.”  

The characterization indisputably applies to the made-in-the USA, Nazi-infested Ukraine monster.

A festering sore in Europe’s heartland, Russia is systematically demilitarizing and deNazifying the former nation-state to render it toothless — to eliminate the threat it  poses as a US platform for perpetual war against the Russian Federation and its people.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday, US-colonized Ukraine lost over 8,300 troops in November alone.

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began, hundreds of thousands of its troops were killed or wounded, hundreds more daily.

In the battle to liberate the strategically important town of Artyomovsk, Donetsk and surroundings, LPR official Andrey Marochko explained the following based on intelligence information:

Regime “reinforcements were seen arriving near Artyomovsk to replenish (its) armed formations.”

Most enemy troops “were immediately dispatched to cover irretrievable and sanitary losses.”

Frontline ones are in dire straits for lack of enough food and other essentials to life and well-being.

And they’re running out of ammunition to keep fighting.

“According to our data, the regime is “losing at least a battalion of (manpower) daily” in the area.

“I can confirm that (its losses) really occur daily and are catastrophic.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces are advancing toward Artyomovsk and elsewhere in Donetsk.

On Wednesday, DPR head, Denis Pushilin, explained the following:

“The liberation of Mayorsk set the stage for the advance of our troops towards Dzerzhinsk, which is an important city in terms of the operational encirclement (and liberation) of Artyomovsk.”

Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu said its forces gained control over Mayorsk, Pavlovka, Opytnoye, Andreyevka, Belogorovka Yuzhnaya and Kurdyumovka.

Since Russia’s SMO began in February, its forces liberated 338 Donbass settlements from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

In March last year, Ukrainian general Ruslan Khomchak was quoted as following, saying:

“We are preparing for an offensive” against Donbass.

Both wings of the US war party support perpetual war on Russia by use of cannon fodder Ukrainian foot soldiers.

The US-installed regime and its people are paying the price for waging war instead of pursuing peace and stability — notions the empire of lies rejects.

Looking ahead to winter and what’s likely next year, analyst Gordon Hahn said the following:

Ukraine faces a “blacked out, frigid, inflationary, and hungry winter.” 

By allying with hegemon USA’s war on Russia, Europe faces a “dark, heatless, stagflationary and recessionary winter, (as well as) growing social upheaval and anti-Ukrainian sentiment.”

Russia will likely gain control over Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kharkov, even possibly Kiev at its discretion if believes it’ll advance its demilitarization and deNazification aims.

Hahn believes that Vladimir Putin “is likely considering (an) offensive to take or encircle Kiev to force (puppet) Zelensky” and regime hardliners “to flee or negotiate” capitulation.

Russia may also “seize the Rovno nuclear power plant and cut the railroad line by which the West sends weapons to” Ukrainian frontline positions.

Vladimir Putin is up for reelection in March 2024.

Along with wanting to run on successfully handling domestic issues, he’ll likely want to triumph over the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine by then.

A wild card is whether the empire of lies and its Western vassals will intervene more directly against Russia than already to try preventing the puppet Ukrainian regime from collapsing.

Will large numbers of US/NATO troops occupy Ukrainian territory with this aim in mind?

Will hegemon USA’s war go beyond Ukraine as part of its longstanding aim to weaken, undermine, contain and control Russia, as well as its vast resources?

In his book, titled “The Grand Chessboard,” former US official, Zbigniew Brzezinski, called Eurasia the “center of world power extending from Germany and Poland in the East through Russia and China to the Pacific and including the Middle East and Indian subcontinent.”

He also said the following:

“The most dangerous scenario (for the empire of lies and its Western vassals) would be a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran, an ‘anti-hegemonic’ coalition united not by ideology but by complimentary grievances.”

This alliance exists today, a deterrent to the imperial project of the empire of lies.

China’s Xi Jinping earlier said the following:

Sino/Russia ties stronger than ever, the “best in history,” both nations “each other’s most trustworthy strategic partners,” adding:

“President Putin and I built good working relations and a close personal friendship.”

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following about Sino/Russia relations:

They’re enhanced beyond “strategic partnership (to) a comprehensive partnership and strategic collaboration…work(ing) together on all major” issues.

Ahead of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, Putin visited Beijing on February 4.

According to his aide, Yuri Ushakov, he and China’s Xi Jinping signed 15 documents to “facilitate further development of relations between (both countries) in various areas,” notably on what relates to security by agreeing to a mutual defense alliance.

Both leaders agreed to aid each other militarily if invaded by a foreign power.

In March 2021, China and Iran signed an historic 25-year economic partnership agreement, at the time Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, saying:

“This plan proves failure of (hegemon USA’s) policies to isolate Iran, sever (its) relations with the international community and also to harm (its) will to expand relations with other countries,” adding:

The win-win bilateral agreement “heralds longterm (Sino/Iranian) cooperation.”

It “encourage(s) multilateralism, support(s) equal rights of nations, and insist(s) on domestic development…”

In April last year, Sergey Lavrov called relations with Iran “one of Russia’s foreign policy priorities.”

March 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of the Treaty on the Basis for Mutual Relations and the Principles of Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation.

Both nations continue to strengthen bilateral political, economic, trade, scientific and technological ties.

Looking ahead to next year, if hegemon USA’s installed regime in Kiev and its war-making machine collapse, will the empire of lies abandon Ukraine in similar fashion to how it walked away from other vassals when no longer serving its imperial aims?


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  1. Thank you, sir. I admire this post. I have admired Arundhati Roy for years. Nice juxtaposition — her, India, Ukraine…!

    If only the moronic US were not the lead actor in funding (weaponry! BILLION$ in weaponry!) and perpetuating this tragedy that should never have happened….


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