You’re Being Lied to and Betrayed

Most everything reported by MSM on major world and national issues turn truth on its head and trample on it.

MSM are bribed with big bucks to stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

What diverges from it is excluded from daily editions.

In print, the NYT is the worst of the worst, a lying machine since the mid-19th century — proving it in daily fake news editions with rubbish like the following:

“Russian tanks were stuck in the mud outside Kiev earlier this year (sic).”

Russia’s SMO caused “economic fallout” in the country (sic).

The Times mocked the reality of “secret (US) labs in Ukraine” for developing and producing deadly bioweapons.

And the Times repeatedly defies reality by falsely claiming that Ukrainian Nazis are prevailing over vastly superior Russian firepower, including the following trampling on truth rubbish:

“Russia faces battlefield losses, mounting casualties, economic isolation and international condemnation (sic).” 

Russian media “have spun a version of the war in which Russia is winning, Ukraine is in shambles and Western alliances are fraying” — what’s reality on the ground, what the Times and other MSM suppress.

“Russia’s growing isolation” is debunked by overwhelming support from the world community of nations — other than US Western and a few other vassals like Japan, S. Korea and Australia.

What the Times falsely calls “Russian propaganda” is truth and full disclosure on all things Ukraine and other important issues — in stark contrast to MSM Big Lies and mass-deception, their longstanding practice.

In discussing the battle for Artyomovsk, the Times ignored the town’s strategic importance as a route for delivering arms and supplies to Ukrainian troops.

It reported nothing about their losses of up to 800 daily, about their futile attempts to advance.

Even Kiev admits the reality about the “Artyomovsk slaughterhouse,” about collapsing regime defenses — what the Times and other MSM suppress.

And this Times rubbish on kill shots in the same edition, turning reality on its head as follows, saying:

“An (unjabbed) military puts our national security at risk (sic).”

Biden regime war secretary Austin defied reality in similar fashion, falsely saying:

Mandated health-destroying kill shots are “necessary to protect the force and defend the American people (sic)” — against invented enemies by destroying the health of jabbed troops.

What’s causing irreparable harm is excluded from FY 2023 NDAA legislation.

Last week, House members passed the measure, excluding mandated kill shots.

Senate members followed suit. GOP Senator Roger Marshall MD explained the following:

“The Biden (regime) should be ashamed of how unfairly it treated our troops over this (kill shot).”

“The lives of so many patriotic families have been turned upside down after they were discharged from service.”

“There’s not enough science to support a (mass-jabbing) mandate for America’s troops – some of the healthiest individuals in our nation.” 

“With the number of new service members joining the military reaching record lows, (the Biden regime’s) vaccine mandate significantly diminished our military’s ability to carry out crucial missions across the board.”

In 2022 so far, the US war department dismissed about 8,000 active duty personnel, 37,000 national guard members and 22,000 reservists, and stripped them of benefits for refusing to destroy their health from jabs designed for this purpose.

Yet according to Times fake news, US military readiness includes mass-jabbing — ignoring that everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed.

And once again the Times defied reality about masking — falsely claiming that what provides zero protection and risks respiratory harm “is your best protection from” flu/covid (sic).

A Final Comment

In the same fake news edition, the Times reported the following:

“The Pentagon…will more than double the number of (Ukrainian Nazis) it instructs at a base in Germany” — from 600 to 800 monthly.

What the Times called “a major increase” is much ado about nothing.

The regime is losing as many or more troops daily than the Pentagon can train.

The fake Biden reportedly is poised to approve a Patriot air defense system battery to Ukraine — even though it’s useless against Russian hypersonic munitions.

In response on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

“We strongly advise those who make (US) decisions to listen at last, if not to us, then at least to themselves, to draw the right conclusions from our repeated warnings that any weapons systems supplied to Ukraine, including Patriot systems, respectively, with the operating personnel, have been and remain legitimate priority targets for the Russian Armed Forces,” adding:

“Given the growing amounts of direct US military aid, including the presence of US servicemen on the ground, the transfer of such sophisticated weaponry, the handling of which requires months of training, would mean an expansion of the involvement of regular US military personnel in combat operations with all the ensuing consequences.”

Months of training are required to operate this air defense system.

If sent to Ukraine, what’s highly likely, US military personnel will be operating them.

They and Patriot air defense installations will become prime targets for Russian high-precision, hypersonic munitions to destroy.

Commenting on this issue, military analyst, Andrey Martyanov, said the following:

“Patriot PAC3 is not made for fighting real enemies, which have stand off weapons, (including) supersonic and hypersonic” munitions. 

“Nor is this system (able) to handle a salvo of Iskanders, so (supplying Patriots to Ukraine) is all about PR.”  

Patriot AD’s have “huge technical issues.”

Supplying them to Ukraine won’t “make a difference.”

“The only benefit is for the Raytheon and Lockheed to obtain REAL war data…to improve on what already sustained serious reputational damage due to its constant failures to perform against even backward opponents.” 

The Biden regime is “using a band-aid on a blown up body” if supplies the regime with this system.

By escalating conflict, it’s recklessly pushing things for greater US direct confrontation with Russia.

The risk of global war 3.0 is more ominously high than any previous time since WW II ended.


3 thoughts on “You’re Being Lied to and Betrayed

Add yours

  1. Because of the complexity of weapons, western military will have to be used to operate the equipment. Some of the training will be to merge Ukrainian military with the new mercenaries.

    The Bakhmut blunder will give us the Bakhmuth Bloodbath history will attribute to the Murderer of Ukraine, Ze lie nsky.

    The product of the propaganda machine is lies. To the overseer government, the lie is just a tool. There is honest talk and dishonest talk and Monopoly Media is dishonest. Overseer government is dishonest. Monopoly Medicine is dishonest.

    Betrayal is another word for treason.

    The air is replete with treason.


  2. Puppet Z fired an S-300 into Poland killing 2 Poles and accused the Russians. Z got away with murder. Poland is helping him as a conduit for arms and mercenaries pouring into Ukraine.

    Z is still addressing Parliaments in NATO and 5-eyes countries. That’s the values and rules-based order of the Beast (Mystery, Babylon the Great) with 2 horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon.


  3. Despite his lies, Time magazine went on to name him “Person of the Year: Volodymyr Zelensky & the Spirit of Ukraine”. No doubt unparalleled “Values and Rules-based Order” from the Beast.


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