Honoring a Nazi War Criminal

In response to puppet Zelensky’s visit to the imperial state — begging for more handouts for perpetual war-making and self-enrichment, MSM press agents for wealth, power and privilege tried outdoing each other in praising what demands condemnation.

The NYT called the more monster than man’s visit “a celebration of resilience (sic)” — defying reality by pretending that regime troops “humiliated President Vladimir Putin’s” liberating SMO with “Russia…in retreat (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart different from daily editions of fake news by the Times and other MSM on all things Russia and Ukraine.

The latter’s former nation-state no longer exists.

Millions of its people fled cross-border for safe haven out of harm’s way, including around five million to Russia where they’re treated humanely.

Russian Federation forces are smashing the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine.

What’s happening slowly and painstakingly to minimize civilian casualties would be much more effective if greatly ramped up.

Either way, the US-created Ukrainian monster is being slain.

And this rubbish from WaPo editors:

Pretending “that freedom is winning in Ukraine” ignored the reality of Nazi-infested rule.

And claiming that the tyrannical regime is on the “front line (of) democracy (in central Europe)  against tyrants seeking to rewrite the international order” trampled on truth and full disclosure about what’s gone on since 2014.

And pretending that Ukraine remains “a viable state” ignored its transformation into a platform for perpetual hegemon USA orchestrated and directed war on Russia.

The same goes for the pretense of claiming that “democracies (sic) held the line in (Nazi-infested) Ukraine” — calling what’s nonexistent “a historic achievement (sic).”

And saying it’s “too soon to declare victory in Ukraine” ignored that when occurs it’ll be Russia’s triumph against the scourge of US/Western support for Nazi-infested tyrannical rule.

And “aggression” is how the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and Ukrainian Nazis operate, clearly not Russia.

And this perversion of reality from WSJ editors, falsely calling puppet Zelensky — a detached from reality buffoon, an unindicted war criminal — “a brave and charismatic wartime leader (sic).”

And this Journal trash:

“Russia might lose (sic) and that could cause Mr. Putin to escalate against NATO (sic).”

More of the same:

“Russia’s military is far less formidable than most believed (sic).”

“Despite fewer men (sic) and less firepower, Ukrainians imposed ferocious casualties (sic) and fought Russia to a stalemate (sic).”

Still more trampling on truth:

“(T)he fastest way to end the war is to provide Kiev with weapons to win as soon as possible (sic).”

And what the Journal falsely called “Russia’s disastrous war” ignored its continued destruction of Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA’s war machine by slow-motion demilitarization and deNazification.

MSM across the board expressed support for more monster than man Zelensky.

Reuters highlighted his call for billions more dollars of US aid — much of it for him and his Nazi cronies to steal for self-enrichment, left unexplained.

According to AP (fake) News, he “sees (a nonexistent) turning point” as Russia continues to decimate its forces.

What CNN falsely called “a historic speech” to Congress by the US-installed puppet was a hyperventilating rant for more handouts in pursuit of a lost cause and his own personal gain.

And this from Britain’s state owned and controlled BBC propaganda machine:

Citing Zelensky’s phony call for “a just peace (sic)” ignored nearly 9 years of Kiev’s war and atrocities on Donbass and on Russia throughout 2022.

The Qatari regime’s owned and operated Al Jazeera reported on the fake Biden’s welcome of puppet Zelensky — in town to “push for more military” handouts on bended knee.

Separately in response to the degrading spectacle of extolling the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine and US-installed puppet Zelensky, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the following:

“Neither (the fake Biden) nor (puppet) Zelensky “uttered any words that could be construed as potential readiness to take heed of Russia’s concerns.”

The empire of lies and its Western vassals continue to wage war on Russia “to the last Ukrainian.”

Separately, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, stressed the reality of pushing the impossibility “of defeating Russians on the battlefield” by Ukrainian Nazis.

Ignored is the heightened threat of greater confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers than already.

That’s where things are heading and with it the ominous threat of unthinkable nuclear war.

A Final Comment

A glimmer of good news on Wednesday was the boycott of puppet Zelensky’s rant by 127 GOP lawmakers.

And Trump called the US-installed puppet “an ungrateful international welfare queen.”

True enough but he should have stressed years of unaccountability for war crimes by US-installed Ukrainian regimes, including throughout DJT’s tenure as president.

4 thoughts on “Honoring a Nazi War Criminal

Add yours

  1. Things are different since General Winter showed up yesterday and now in is first complete day on the job.

    The hospitals are overrun and hello darkness, my new friend, is a burden to survival.

    It is amazing the divergence of reality and projection holds in so many things. The relevant Mythland fable of Ukraine’s winning ways will continue until Crimea is retaken is an absurdity since the country has already been obliterated with more obliteration being a certainty.

    Nazilensky is the Murderer of Ukraine.


  2. If the Deep State feels that it could win a WW3, it will start it through Ukraine. This time however, there is no Russia or Germany to do the heavy lifting and for common foe UK-USA to join in well past half-time to claim victory.

    President Zilch’s visit to DC is devoid of any peace initiative. What else can one expect from the circus comprising the visiting Khazarian clown from Ukraine and his Pharisaic handlers in DC with pretensions to higher sanctity?

    Congress had illegally and continuously authorized every war by simply approving and increasing the defense budget every year.


  3. Washington has gone highly corrupt and completely insane. All these politicians should be removed and thrown into an asylum.
    Unfortunately as as population we have lost all rights to exist .
    We are now living in an exploitive unrepresentative society.


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