Pfizer’s Kill Shot Cash Cow

On Wednesday, Project Veritas (PV) exposed Pfizer official, Jordon Trishton Walker’s claim about internal discussions of ways to develop new kill shots.

Caught on camera, Walker said the following:

“One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate (flu/covid jabs) ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new (ones(, right?”

“So, we have to do that.”

“If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f..king viruses.”

“Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“The way it would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them.”

“You have to be very controlled to make sure that this virus that you mutate doesn’t create something that just goes everywhere.”

Pfizer is “going slow because everyone is very cautious (sic).”

“(T)hey don’t want to accelerate it too much.”

The firm is “trying to do it as an exploratory thing because you obviously don’t want to advertise that you are figuring out future mutations.”

Walker left unexplained that so-called covid is seasonal flu renamed.

Pfizer is concerned only about maximizing profits.

For flu/covid jabs, it’s all about destroying health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it — notions Pfizer and other Pharma profiteers don’t give a damn about.

Flu/covid kill shots produced a bonanza of profits for Pfizer and other producers.

Walker’s mumbo jumbo about various viral strains ignored that they’ll all virtually identical.

Claims otherwise by US/Western regimes, Pharma and their MSM press agents are all about fear-mongering the public to be jabbed, rejabbed and booster-jabbed with what’s crucial to shun.

Walker also explained what’s well known already — that Pharma controls the FDA and other anti-public health agencies.

The “revolving door” between them is great “for the industry, (but) bad for everybody else,” he acknowledged

It’s “because when regulators reviewing our drugs know that once they stop regulating, they are going to work for the company, they are not going to be as hard towards the company that’s going to give them a job.”

After viewing PV’s video with Walker, mRNA technology inventor, Dr. Robert Malone, said the following:

His remarks showed that he has “no moral compass.”

“Pfizer’s research is dangerous, immoral and must be shut down now.”

“This cash cow needs to be euthanized.”

And this straight talk from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:

“Pfizer is a craven venal homicidal morally bankrupt criminal enterprise that has captured and corrupted its regulators.”

The same reality applies to Pharma profiteers across the board — an industry whose approved drugs are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually throughout the US/West alone.

And that reality applies to before kill shots were approved illegitimately and rushed to market.

Their producers are responsible for millions of deaths since that time with no end of the greatest crime in history likely in prospect.

While Pfizer official Walker revealed what’s already known, his public admission is notably damning in an industry that’s virtually self-regulating so nothing interferes with maximum profiteering.

US consumers pay double or more for prescription drugs than their counterparts in other developed nations.

And what do they get, time and again what risks harm to health over protecting and preserving it.

Pharma bosses make Mafia godfathers appear almost saintly by comparison.

By separate video, PV showed Walker reacting angrily after its founder, James O’Keefe, confronted him with what was recorded on video — dubiously claiming that he was “lying,” adding:

He’s “not even a scientist by background.”

He “came (to Pfizer) from a consulting firm.”

And he dubiously claimed that “no one is mutating a (flu/covid) virus.”

According to research by Brian O’Shea, Walker worked for Pfizer and the Boston Consulting Group at the same time.

Separately according to Harvard Gazette fake news, the nonexistent pandemic has not ended and “distress increases risk of (nonexistent) long covid by 45%” — according to Pharma-linked researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Ignoring that all flu/covid strains are virtually identical, the Harvard Gazette falsely reported that so-called Delta and Omicron more scariants than variants are resurgent.

In pushing health-destroying jabs, the Gazette pretended that they’re safe and effective despite indisputable evidence proving otherwise.

Like other institutions of indoctrination over education as it should be, Harvard requires students to be fully-jabbed with health-destroying kill shots.

The nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

The worst of pure evil in high places replaced it.

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  1. The High Evilist have injected 13 billion shots of bioweapons that manufactures disease, disability, and death using the injected body and people still sing “where at least I know I am free.”

    The Neocons are on their “escalation elevator.” THEY cannot skip Russia and then go on to China. Escalation is profitable to the Evilists, so there will be escaltion if at all possible.


  2. Project Veritas just got a Pfizer executive to admit that they’ve been working on Gain of Function research to make the COVID “virus” more deadly, keep the plandemic going in order to sell more experimental jabs. You see you don’t need to go halfway around the world to find bioweapon labs, they’ve always been here. We’ve warned everyone from the beginning: the “vaccine” is the disease.


  3. These reports are vital to the future of humanity. Take heed, stand up and fight for freedom, and let the liars burn for all their critical mistakes.


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