Trampling on Truth Update

US dirty hands have been all over a near-decade of war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazified and conscript foot soldiers.

Biden regime dirty hands were responsible for attacks on Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline for supplying low-cost natural gas to Germany and Europe.

Yet in its latest fake news edition, the NYT lying machine falsely blamed “pro-Ukrainian” saboteurs for what happened, claiming the following based on Biden regime-approved talking points:

Fake news masquerading as “new intelligence amounts to the first significant known lead about who was responsible for the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines that carried natural gas from Russia to Europe (sic).”

Noted investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, exposed hegemon USA’s responsibility for rendering 3 of Russia’s four 4 Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany inoperable last September.

All the huffing, puffing and prevaricating otherwise can’t erase what’s indisputable.

Pentagon and/or CIA unmanned underwater vehicles with powerful explosives carried out the attack.

Planned well in advance by Biden regime dark forces, what happened was to benefit US suppliers of expensive LNG by squeezing out Russia by non-market methods.

Superb investigative work by Seymour Hersh exposed what Biden regime dark forces and their MSM co-conspirators went all-out to conceal.

Yet according to Times fake news, (nonexistent) “new intelligence” trampled on truth by falsely claiming “no evidence” of involvement of Biden regime dark forces or puppet Zelensky regime Nazis.

And this Times perversion of reality, falsely calling what happened was “one of the most consequential unsolved mysteries of” all things Russia and Ukraine (sic).”

More Times trash, saying:

Biden regime “said there was much they did not know about the perpetrators and their affiliations (sic).”

And this Times trash:

Biden regime dark forces “declined to disclose the nature of (nonexistent) intelligence, how it was obtained or any details of the strength of the evidence it contains.”

“They said that there are no firm conclusions about it, leaving open the possibility that the operation might have been conducted off the books by a proxy force with connections to the Ukrainian government or its security services (sic).”

And this trash:

“Officials who reviewed intelligence said they believed the saboteurs were most likely Ukrainian or Russian nationals (sic), or some combination of the two (sic).”

Biden regime “officials (falsely) said no American or British nationals were involved (sic).”

Throughout its history, especially post-WW II, the empire of lies has been responsible for virtually every imaginable crime of war and against humanity against invented enemies.

For nearly a decade, hegemon USA has been at war on Russia by hot and other means.

Operating as a virtual Biden regime ministry of propaganda, the Times and other MSM repeatedly blame invented US enemies for empire of lies crimes committed against them.

Nothing they report on major world and national issues can be taken at face value.

The repeatedly lie and mass deceive in lieu of journalism as it should be.

In response to MSM-proliferated fake news about involvement of an alleged mysterious Ukrainian group, a Kremlin statement said the following:

“Obviously, those who masterminded the (Nord Stream) attack want to divert attention.”

“Obviously, this is a coordinated media hoax campaign.”

“This is not just strange.”

“It smells like a monstrous crime.”

“(S)hareholder countries of the pipelines and the UN should demand an urgent transparent investigation, which would involve all parties that could shed light” on what happened.

Fake news reports by the NYT and other MSM are “nothing more than an attempt to confuse those who are sincerely trying to get to the bottom of things in this egregious crime.”

For nearly a decade, a state of war has existed against Russia by the empire of lies and its Western vassals.

At risk is escalation to possible nuclear war in a futile attempt to transform battlefield defeat into triumph against militarily and tactically superior Russia.


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  1. The Chechen war was to destroy the Baku–Novorossiysk pipeline to Russia’s Black Sea coast so that the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast can monopolize the transit of Azeri and Kazakh oil.

    The recent earthquakes damaging Ceyhan Port prove that the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipelines are environmental disasters waiting to happen.

    USA sabotaging other countries’ properties are common occurrences. Just ask Iran, China and Russia. There is no truth in the Beast’s mouthpiece, the “officials say” Nyet Times (NYT) which is a fountain of lies.


  2. The carefully planned expensive US plan to entrap Russia in a losing war has backfired. The Nordstream attack was a desperate stupid attack especially to accuse Russia. Both political parties supported this and have entrapped themselves. AIPAC supported the Republican Party to advance their global zionist dictatorship plan and the Democrats to advance their global communist dictatorship Soros plan. Both movements needed to remove Russia from advancing the multipolar global economic push. And, China and Iran are also targets. The U.S. really thought a modernized gunboat diplomacy push would be successful. Apparently not! But still they are trying to use the failed Ukraine approach with China and Taiwan. The stupidity, corruption, treason, etc knows no bounds it seems. How much longer are American patriots going to tolerate this suicide mission, including the woke crap? Also, I forgot to mention both parties need to destroy The US Constitution to enslave American citizens. It seems we and Russia have the same enemies at our door. Of course, easy to see this cannot end well, get ready for some massive problems in the US!


  3. Anytime I read somebody spouting off about “global communist dictatorship Soros plan”, I know immediately that they are either ignorant or a troll. Or maybe an ignorant troll.
    Art, could you link me to some literature that will inform me of this new “communism”? I’m still stuck with Marx, Lenin, and other political geniuses of that ilk. Thank you.


  4. Pepe Escobar has a link in this Telegram entry that is blocked. If you want to see what I mean by being blocked try entering the link by itself and watch it disappear.

    The link is about the narrative of Ukranian victory is being reported by US intelligence and the demise of the narrative Link:


  5. Victor, About Soros and communism: funds BLM, Antifa, democrat party, ultra liberal candidates in US elections, etc. Working with Klaus Schwab to replace market based capitalism. With what? Everything they are involved with turns into a disaster. Look at our major cities – disasters. Look at what is happening in Canada.
    I am not in favor of US “predatory capitalism” since it will end in fascism, maybe you can see how this will happen. It must be regulated, the American system is completely corrupt and headed for collapse. Constitutional rights are being destroyed, what do you think will be the result? Look at the C19 disaster for example. This all seems obvious to me, I do not see why you think I am a troll. Do your own research. I am a citizen who observes and makes conclusions, I am not a professional journalist who provides a bibliography.


    1. The scum calling you a troll is an actual troll himself. -Trolls get paid when you quote them
      -Trolls get paid when you respond to them
      -Trolls get paid when you use their name.
      -Trolls distract “truthers” with one another.
      Trolls are USraelis shILLs.


  6. If the Ukrainians were smart, the conscripts would defect to Russia at the first opportunity they find, (they would also kill their American puppet “leader” Zelensky), If they actually want to fight Russia, then I have zero respect or sympathy for them. They are lucky that Stalin is dead because that nut would have wiped them all out on day one, he would have then attacked America. Stalin was a complete psychopath. Putin is not of the same cloth, Putin is the best leader of Russia in history.

    Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler was the best president that America never had. World history have been very different if Butler was running America. Everybody should read his book, “War Is A Racket”.

    America is a fake plastic democracy nation of war, 3rd world level poverty with minuscule pockets of 1st world wealth, deceit, debt, pomp, ego, illusion and delusion. They even make serial killers celebrity media stars ! Then they wonder why they have all these mass shootings !
    (It’s ok, just blame the inanimate guns right?)

    “It is called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it” ~ George Carlin


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