A snippet of truth-telling from my favorite scholar-physician, author of over 100 books, Vernon Coleman MD:

“Everyone in the world except the people who make up these crazy rules knows now that masks don’t work and that only idiots allow themselves to be given one of the nasty (flu/)covid jabs.”

“Anyone who promotes the wearing of masks for people not robbing banks is a liar or a fool or in the pay of the mask making industry.”

“Or all three.”

“Face masks do no good but a great deal of harm and anyone telling you to wear a face mask wants you dead.”

The same reality applies to promoters of kill shots.


3 thoughts on “A snippet of truth-telling from my favorite scholar-physician, author of over 100 books, Vernon Coleman MD:

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  1. not everyone knows it apparently. many people still wearing them in public where i live. doctors offices generally insist on it they should know better. or maybe they want me dead, as coleman says.


  2. The “world orders review” on Bitchute is a good channel for the contents of the bioweapons injections. They don’t see mRNA in the death trap shots and are keen on the nanocarbon technology generally discussed as graphene oxide.

    The sodium–potassium pump uses 40% of the bodies calories leading to the production of ATP. The point being the body is electrical and EMP can run people out of cities if they are sensitive to EMF and world orders review says it with the word “irradiation.” The graphene oxide now in everything from the blue mask to at least 10 different dental pain injections are irradiating people. There is no telling what can happen when the sun sends us a big EMF blast.

    The lesson I have learned is “They are all in on it.” Celente might say “Not one sheriff, I tells ya.”


  3. Nothing that unusual about people wearing masks as a cautionary measure, they have been doing that in Asia for decades.

    One point that everybody in the west misses about masks is this, it is the only anonymousity and privacy you have left in the land of face recognition CCTV were everybody is a criminal.

    Even the KGB and Stazi never had it this good regarding spying on their own citizens without justification.
    Maybe people should complain less about wearing masks in nations that banned hoodie clothing 20 years ago etc.

    I did not get the “vaccine”, I did not get the virus, I did not isolate during “lockdown”.

    The State is controlled by legal criminals that exploit the herd at every opportunity they get, and the herd do as they are told. Every time they get away with a crime, it encourages and inspires them to commit larger crimes in the near future.
    These psychopaths just got away with genocide and robbing the tax coffers again.


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