Rejecting Peace and Stability for Perpetual War-Making

The empire of lies and its Western vassals abhor peace and stability in favor of perpetual wars on invented enemies.

The Biden regime’s so-called national security council spokesman, Kirby, admitted reality on Sunday.

Explaining what’s well known, he called Sino/Russian peace initiatives “unacceptable” in favor of perpetual war-making and mass-slaughter of civilians in harm’s way.

No nations in world history harmed more people over a longer duration than the empire of lies and forever wars.

No nations more flagrantly breach the rule of law in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Trampling on truth, Kirby, pushed hegemon USA’s “rules-based order”in defiance of international law.

It’s at a time when Ukrainian Nazis are being trounced by Russian military and tactical superiority.

It’s also when the Middle East is no longer hegemon USA’s backyard.

Regional nations are increasingly distinguishing between real friends and allies in Russia and China v. the scourge of occupation and control by the empire of lies.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping are the preeminent world leaders at a time when the empire of lies and its Western vassals are declining en route to history’s dustbin.

Russian forces continue smashing made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested Ukraine.

And there’s nothing that the collective West can do to turn things around in its favor.

Their ruling regimes and Ukrainian Nazis have been decisively outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted by Russia.

Liberating Artyomovsk and surrounding areas entirely from the scourge of US/Western occupation is just a matter of time.

The same reality applies to how Russia is demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

Unable to counterattack against vastly superior Russian firepower, the regime’s days are numbered.

The same goes for US-installed puppet Zelensky, a buffoon devoid of leadership.

Russia, China, Iran and other independent nations are rising in prominence on the world stage at a time when collective West is declining.

Even Saudi Arabia understands reality by signing a security cooperation agreement with Iran.

Saudi King Salman invited Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to meet together in Riyadh.

Around the 20th anniversary of hegemon USA’s rape and destruction of nonthreatening Iraq, based on Big Lies and mass-deception, China’s Xi Jinping came to Moscow for a three-day visit with Vladimir Putin.

The preeminent world leaders are leaving their pigmy Western counterparts behind, especially the fake Biden, a mumbling, bumbling, stumbling White House imposter.


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  1. ChRussia is #1,

    We’re #2. We’re #2. We’re #2. USD. USD.USD.

    The last ten minutes of The Duran speaks on Macron and the other WERers work for a one-government world in order to move to the real institutions of power like the IMF, the UN, the EU, the World bank, and so on. It echoes Lendman in the Geotge Carlin vein of “They don’t care about you at all. At all. At all.

    Go tell it somewhere. The treason is condensating in the air.


  2. Thank you Mr Lendman. It’s always refreshing to read your truthful analysis. I will continue praying for your complete recovery.

    Xi visited Saudi Arabia. Raisi then visited China. Soon a peace deal was signed.
    Now, Xi visiting Russia. Losezensky unlikely to visit China since his master the USG had spoken and rejected any peace deal.

    The Camp David Accord between the PLO and Israel won Nobel prizes for Sadat, Begin and Carter but Israel negotiated in bad faith. Much like the Iran JCPOA, Minsk I and II agreements.

    This is exactly the same bad faith of the ancient Romans whose treaties with adversaries were meant to be broken once an adversary let down its guard. The Romans, Vatican, EU, Nato, AUKUS, Quad are parts of the beast: “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death (Babylon); and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast (Mystery Babylon)” (Revelation 13:3).

    Indeed, hyper-belligerent Israel is an American base to protect the petrodollar and to threaten countries in the region to follow Washington’s diktats or else. Just ask the Palestinians who are regularly sacrificed to the Babylonian god Marduk.

    Or look at Marcos Jr of the Philippines allowing 4 new American bases in addition to the 5 existing bases just to save his inherited billions looted by his father Marcos Sr.

    DEMOCRACY means LOOTING. The US system of campaign donations meant that politicians are beholden to donors who get their wishes fulfilled under the term lobbying. One early example is the privatization of the armament industry. Once in private hands whose business model is to make money, forever wars by the US are inevitable. Russian and Chinese armament industries are state-owned and they compete with health, education etc. for government funding. Hence, Russia and China are not belligerent. The armament industry should be immediately nationalized, to be followed by the utilities, health, education, etc.

    Many a POTUS had declared war on cancer. Unfortunately, cancer is caused by food preservatives and other harmful food additives, pharmaceutical drugs, veterinary drugs, agricultural chemicals, airport X-ray scanners, depleted uranium munitions and, of course, vaccines. All the result of lobbying.

    The moment essentials like housing, health, banking, insurance, utilities, public transportation, corrections, etc. are in private hands, the inevitable greed means hardships for the masses. The root cause is money, starting with the PRIVATE Reserve Banks and PRIVATE Central Banks controlling the money supply. And 30 pieces of silver for the politicians who are very unlikely to be in the current Kingdom of God.

    The Divine-ordained Levites as Temple priests were not allowed to own land. The Edomite Pharisees usurped the Levites, turned Passover offerings into a commercial enterprise, and became fabulously wealthy. No doubt God was not with the Pharisees. The end result was no Temple or Israel but those who believed the Divine message and fled Jerusalem were saved. Modern-day Pharisees are Jesuit Babylonian Talmudic Jews controlling the Vatican, the Deep States worldwide and the money supply.


  3. Challenge :

    Name a year when America was not at war with anybody or, overthrowing other nations democratically elected governments, or annexing land from native Americans.

    Name just one, or all if you can. I heard that, since the creation of 18th century Euro-America, it has been aggressive for over 90% of its existence as a nation. Interesting that America has so few home turf wars (independence war, the civil war and, massacring native Americans).

    That got me thinking about it, I can’t name one year yet. Every year of my life they have been up to international mischief, terrorism and murder etc. (I’m over half a century years old)

    It is a very tough challenge so, many kudos to anybody that can answer that.


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