The Scourge of Hegemon USA’s Perpetual War on Humanity

According to Russian Foreign Intelligence on Monday:

Terrorists recruited and trained by the empire of lies to serve its diabolical aims “were instructed to incite hostilities in the Syrian south-west, in the central part of the country and east of the Euphrates River.”

Totaling hundreds of extremists, detachments of radicals were formed.

They’re being trained by the empire of lies to launch attacks on military facilities in Syria and Iran.

The diabolical scheme involves abduction of Russian and Iranian military personnel.

The Biden regime intends to supply extremists with heavy weapons, munitions and equipment, including MANPADS, TOW and NLAW anti-tank missiles.

Along with Russia, Syrian intelligence discovered what’s going on.

According to President Bashar al-Assad:

The empire of lies and forever wars “continues to use Islamist groups under its control in Syria to undermine” its legitimate government.

Since 2011, hegemon USA has illegally occupied oil-rich parts of the country, stealing what belongs to the Syrian people.

Syrian territory is used by the empire of lies to pursue its diagolical aims.

For time immemorial, hegemon USA used terrorist groups to advance its imperial agenda.

At war on Russia since 2014 by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts, the risk of things going nuclear is ominously high.

On Monday, interventionist Blinken announced another $350 million worth of arms and equipment for Nazi-infested Ukraine for waging perpetual proxy war on Russia.

The Biden regime “stand(s) united with Ukrain(ian Nazis) for as long as it takes,” he roared.

Separately according to retired Lugansk Lt. Col. Andrey Marochko:

Ukrainian Nazis were “observed building up forces” near Artyomovsk.

On orders from his US master, puppet Zelensky intends to launch a suicide mission, mindless of the human toll he doesn’t give a damn about.

Overwhelming Russian firepower will wipe them out in similar fashion to how they routed earlier regime offensives.

At this time, Russian forces control about 70% of strategically important Artyomovsk.

Roads to the town were cut off or unreachable because of devastating Russian firepower.

Regime troops infesting Artyomovsk will either surrender or be wiped out.

According to Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Artyomovsk is a “meat grinder.”

In desperation, Russophobe Lindsey Graham called for the Pentagon to down Russian aircraft.

Biden regime war secretary Austin and joint chiefs head Milley are yearning for nuclear war.

They want Ukrainian Nazis supplied with more arms and equipment for Russia to destroy.

Everyone for peace over perpetual war-making is vilified as “pro-Putin.”

And this reality check by Douglas Macgregor, saying:

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals cannot supply Ukrainian Nazis with enough arms and equipment to match Russian firepower.

The US-created Ukrainian monster is being effectively slain.

Half a million or more of its troops have been killed or otherwise put out of action.

The former nation-state of Ukraine was transformed into a platform for perpetual war on Russia by the empire of lies.

The Biden regime’s aim to weaken, isolate and undermine Russia has been a colossal failure.

As for the fake Biden, Macgregor called him “a cardboard cut-out, a stand-in for ideological fanatics in his” regime — a detached from reality buffoon.

Millions of Americans know they’re illegally lead by the nation’s criminal class — waging war on humanity in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested hellhole, nominally headed by a US-installed puppet.

Russia’s only solution is continuation of its liberating SMO to demilitarize and deNazify the US-installed regime.

Attempting to resolve things diplomatically with the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis would be a colossal blunder.

Force is the only language they understand, why it’s crucial to to give them a bellyful. 


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  1. Why does the world allow America to be a war mongering rogue state with zero accountability for their international crimes ?

    No matter what they do, everybody wants to be like them, eat their crap quality food, drink their vile coffee from plastic branded cups, bastardise English like an illiterate, trash the planet and its finite resources just like the Americans do.

    Maybe the human species deserves to be wiped out.


  2. The existential self, most often called a person’s ego has the job of keeping you safe and telling you/itself it is wonderful/special. So as natural expression, I want to say the most transformative thing because the game is about being wonderful.

    The biggest difference between the way everyone is seeing things and the way I see them has to do with the 12,000-year cycle of the sun that will give us a micronova of the sun. It is going to happen sometime around 2040. The magnetic excursion of the poles is accelerating towards each other and will flip too. are Ben Davidson tells about it in this playlist:

    As I hold it, the micronove will unlock the kinetic and magnetic bons between the crust and mantle and the weight of ice in Antarica and Greenland will cause crustal displacements as they move to the quarter along a Hawaii-Egypt axis.

    When the last magnetic shift happened, the Pacific had waters make it through the Rocky Mountains. This next flood will see the Atlantic make an easy go of the Appalachians.

    This is just librarian effort. Ben Davidson is the genius to listen too.

    No matter how strange it seems, if someone believes something, they believe it. You cannot tell anyone anything. The hardest thing to say in life is “I am wrong.” It takes a thirsty horse to drink.

    And the reason vital information does not carry is because everyone is spending too much time thinking on why they are wonderful.


  3. Well, again, I must repeat; The USA, as well as all western nations, have been conquered & occupied by Rothschild Jewry (RJ) & their traitorous Goy minions. Simple as that. It can’t be debated. That is the reality. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Just the level of Lies & Hypocrisy, both prime, strong Jewish traits coming out of western leaders is evidence, not to mention the Cultural Marxism being foisted on the masses 24/7.

    An evil cult of death rules the citizens of the west, and they don’t even know it.
    Cabalist, Communist Judaism wants to rule the world. Russia, China, and most of the rest of the world stand in defiance of their insane, supremacist agenda, helped along by Freemasonry, which was created by Jewry to infiltrate, guide & control the Goyim. Traitors are as common as rocks. Indeed, Rothschild Jewry would never have been as successful as they’ve been the past 300 years without a plethora of willing Gentile traitors. There’s never been a shortage of them, willing to sacrifice their peoples & nations for a few shekels. Also, by controlling the money of all western nations, RJ controls those nation’s politicians. This is common knowledge among those who’ve studied the downfall of the west. But the awakened are still a vast minority in America.

    Western media, 100% Jew-owned, keeps the masses ignorant & confused with their Lies, Censorship & Distractions. The MSM is Public Enemy #1.

    Just look at the actions of western politicians; they should all face the Gallows, but that will never happen. They’ll push it until we all get Nuked. Scum like Lindsay Graham, Chuck Shumer, Nikki Haley, John “Crash” McCain…too many to mention. Chicken Hawk traitors like Graham continue to get re-elected! Americans are hopeless. Their cluelessness will kill them.

    Just as well; I’d rather get Nuked than to live under Neo Bolshevik Jew-Communist rule! RJ pines for the New Soviet, like when they controlled the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1953, during which time Jewry became the biggest mass-murderer in Human history, by far.

    The Ukraine war is RJ against Russia. God Bless Russia! They will emerge victorious over RJ.

    If RJ attained its insane agenda, we’d all be Palestinians.


  4. First we get Reagan’s fake “War On Drugs”, then we get Bush’s fake “War On Terror”. Let’s change just one word of their deceitful slogans to reveal the truth behind the nefarious agenda State curtain :

    On = Of :
    “The War On Drugs.”
    =The War Of Drugs.

    “The War On Terror.”
    =The War Of Terror.

    It is the very weapons that they use on their own citizens.
    Operation Northwoods, 911, mass shootings etc.
    The Iran Contra, drugs for guns, off the books drug money fund CIA black ops eg the creation, training, arming and support of the Taliban ! (Remember those guys?)

    “It’s ok kids, just say no”

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