Politicized Trump Indictment

There’s overwhelming just cause to indict Trump for crimes of war and against humanity, for serving privileged interests at the expense of the general welfare.

According to the Constitution’s Article II, Section 4, “(t)he president, vice president and all civil officers of the US, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Nothing related to the above offenses were included in politicized impeachment charges against him.

The same reality applies to charges of alleged hush money to stormy Daniels.

Undemocratic Dems and their MSM co-conspirators want Trump eliminated as a viable political aspirant for the nation’s highest office by every imaginable dirty trick.

I’m a Trump opponent, not an advocate.

Yet compared to undemocratic 

Dems, he’s the least worst choice.

Specific charges against him haven’t been revealed other than alleged hush money payments.

They’re politicized to benefit undemocratic Dems at his expense in pursuit of one-party rule — more despotic and destructive than already.

Reportedly he faces over 30 politicized counts related to dubious claims of business fraud.

In response to what’s going on, he said the following:

“I believe this Witch-Hunt will backfire massively on (the fake) Biden.”

“The American people realize exactly what radical left Dem(s) are doing.”

“Everyone can see it. So our movement, and our party (will) defeat” undemocratic Dems.

“(W)e are going to throw every last one of these crooked Dem(s)s out of office.” 

But he won’t transform decadent, depraved, debauched USA into a nation that’s safe and fit to live in.

Threatening everyone everywhere in pursuit of its diabolical aims, it’s an unparalleled menace on the world stage.

As long as the empire of lies exists, so will a permanent state of war on invented enemies.

As long as it exists, humanity may not survive its imperial rampaging.


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  1. Hello Mr. Lendman,

    Glad you are back, even if only part time. Your contributions to truth and enlightenment are truly missed.

    Wishing you continued good health.


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  2. Great take on the Trump soap saga Mr Lendman.

    What I have read so far is that, the charges against him are not public yet. Whoever is claiming “it’s hush money” is blind guessing at best, spreading intentional misinformation at worst. Almost every outlet is claiming its “hush money”.

    It’s just smoke and mirrors. In saying that, Biden and Romney don’t like Trump at all and, one Impeachment charge reads :

    “Abuse of power by “pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rivals ahead of the 2020 election while withholding a White House meeting and $400 million in U.S. security aid from Kyiv.”

    Ukraine, Biden… Hmmm… make of what you will.

    Interesting that both Clinton and Trump were Aquitted in their Impeachment hearings (same for Andrew Johnson). Suggesting it is only a side show for public diversion tactics from other serious events.

    It also reminds me a little of Al Capone, for all his serious felonies the only thing they get him for is “tax evasion”… really ?

    Yeah, yeah, Trump, you will kick out all the Dem’s, just like you jailed H.Clinton, ended the war and brought the troops home etc.

    All politicians will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected. You don’t matter when/if they get into office.

    The American public are in great danger, along with everybody else this time.

    Now that the corrupt CIA toy Ukraine has that IMF $15.6 billion loan, the game board will now change. Time for another diversion.

    Maybe everybody should just stay at home and not vote in the next election in protest. You are getting another criminal for a president either way so, the entire nation abstaining from the corrupt election is the most democratic thing we can do. It is also a very safe protest.

    Nobody vote, stay at home with friends, family, a pizza and a good movie, let’s start to make a positive change before we all get nuked, or biologically attacked again.

    It is our lives in our world, not their play things to destroy.

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  3. I completely agree with you Mr Lendman stay home do not vote.
    Unfortunately the general American population believe it’s their patriotic duty to vote. Brain washing by MSM has imbedded current beliefs in the political system as valid. The Covid-19 scam encountered the same brainwashing by media. This continuing deceiving has obstructed the course in living in a pacifist society.

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    1. Hi Caporaso,

      The majority of patriots are your brother, until the rent is due.

      The only real American patriot that I know of is Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler.
      JFK was turning patriot so they murdered him.

      Is it not a patriots direct duty to protest by not voting in these blatantly rigged elections in our plastic democracies, if not actually enact the 2nd Amendment to protect the nation ?

      “United we stand, divided we fall”, and boy, does our enemies know that tactic all too well ?
      (Ironic that “patriots” are accomplices with the enemies in State)

      Where are all the “patriots” when it comes to defending the mighty Constitution that is seriously violated multiple times every day, and has been for many decades ?

      Stand up comedian Doug Stanhope does a great piece on “we won the war”… (“Was that you and me Tommy ?”). Taking pride in events and achievements we had nothing to do with.

      The thing with “patriots” is this, they are just full of hot air. They only like to make a noise and wave a rag on a pole for show but, 1, they don’t know much about their country. 2, they do nothing to protect their country. 3, they won’t help their fellow countrymen, unless there is something in it for themselves directly.

      I watched an alternative news video a few months ago where a brainwashed US parroting-patriot was so delusional that, she believe the myth that America won the war against Britain. When, in actual fact, America sued for peace with Britain, the British were more concerned about France at the time. It was beneficial for both America and Britain to end their “dispute”.

      Many “patriots” also blindly believe America won WWII, as if single handed, when in fact, it was the Russians that saved us all. (It was the criminal UK monarchy family and America that started those wars, then sent the real patriot peasants to die in them.)

      In Britain they hilariously call fake patriots “flag shaggers”.

      In saying that, beware of brainwashed “patriots” because they are often dangerous. They are usually the type that turn fascist very quickly, not much between their ears. They compensate for their lack of mental skills with violence.

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    1. Hi Robert,

      I also recommend : John Pilger, Seymour Hersh and George Galloway MOATS.

      MSM don’t like Pilger or Galloway at all. MSM now refuse to interview either of them. The truth hurts.

      Pilger provides excellent quality info. Hersh is an upcoming new gen journalist who is good so far.
      Galloway can be a bit off target and pushing an agenda but, still a good source of information to cast a critical thought over, and general cross reference. Just don’t get 100% sucked in by it.

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      1. Yes, I like ’em all. I particularly liked JP’s (2003?) videodocumentary “Palestine Is Still The Issue”; back in the day, I aired it on my local public-access cable TV system [and Palestine is STILL the issue!]. Hmm–don’t/can’t agree with your “Hersh = upcoming”; SH has been on scene and on point since the American War On Vietnam!



    2. Close Robert, JP’s “Palestine is Still the Issue” was 2002. His work is painful to watch but he is a very professional journalist, an endangered species these days.

      JP’s “The Coming War On China” 2016 is a must see exposé.

      Sorry, my bad about Hersh, I was thinking of two different journalists at the same time and got the names mixed up.
      Hersh is good and well established. I can’t remember the name of the upcoming journalist I was trying to recall, will get back to you after a search.

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    3. Found it :
      Richard Medhurst. A good upcoming independent journalist so far. I have not had this source for long so, still needs some research.

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    1. Frustrating: that has been happening to me for over a month. In my case, as I receive notices of Comments via E-mail, I’ve found that I must scroll down the E-mail and press the “Like” button shown there — not waiting until I click and arrive at the actual blogsite. Try it, please.


      1. Ahh.. Thanks for the info Robert 🙂

        I don’t go to my email account here much, it gets hit with a lot of spam from Steam, phishing and junk from stores etc.

        It is a pain to use it. I have other email accounts but I keep those for private use, they are not given to businesses/stores or websites etc., those accounts have been junk/spam free for 20+ years.

        Would be so much better if the like button worked directly on this blog site 😦

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