A Waste of Time

Sergey Lavrov knows better.

Yet he called for multilateral talks to resolve the forever Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He knows that it’s beyond resolution because the empire of lies and apartheid Israel prioritize perpetual war on invented enemies.

If undertaken, it’ll be a waste of time and effort, accomplishing nothing.

The only language understood throughout the collective West and apartheid Israel is toughness.

Decades of Russian Federation efforts for regional peace failed to halt perpetual war-making.

Yet on Friday, Lavrov said the following:

“We have long been advocating to resume the multilateral process for the Israeli-Palestinian settlement, as there is a universally recognized collective mediator, which is the Quartet comprising Russia, the US, the EU and UN.” 

“It is in this very framework, with mandatory involvement of the Arab League, that we can, in practice and with hope for some kind of result, search for agreements that should be based on the principles of the two-state solution, as they are formulated in documents.”

With respect to Lavrov, the world’s preeminent diplomat, a virtual state of war has existed against Palestinians throughout Jewish state history — supported by the empire of lies, blocking good faith efforts for peace.

In cahoots with the US-dominated West, the UN Secretariat supports its imperial rampaging, in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

Forever wars continue by hot and other means by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and apartheid Israel.

The prospect for turning a page for peace is virtually nil.


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  1. I agree.

    Israel was created on November 29, 1947 with the adoption of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.

    We are led to believe by official narratives (ONs) that the Jewish diaspora emigrating to Israel were refugees, meaning they arrive with what little they could carry on their bodies and in their hands.
    The arriving diaspora Jews spoke different languages and have to build houses. Why would Jews in Europe riding in motorcars want to emigrate to a semi-desert riding on camels? Unless Israel is a planned large military base to threaten the Arabs who have the oil.

    On May 15, 1948, the Arab-Israeli War broke out and Israel captured huge chunks of Arab territories. In a mere 168 days, how did the refugee Israelis having language communication problems manage to build a powerful military to defeat the combined militaries of the neighboring Arab countries? It could take months just to build a house, let along an advanced and sprawling Military Industrial Complex. No doubt Israel was armed and financed by the West.

    Many ONs are questionable. Two examples are the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing using a fertilizer truck bomb and the Beirut Port fertilizer warehouse explosion. Chemical fertilizer is mainly ammonium nitrate (AN). We are told the 3,000 or so tons of AN at Beirut Port was there for 6 years. Who paid for the expensive port warehousing for 6 years?

    AN is very stable and will not ignite even if heated directly with a blow torch, otherwise garden center detonations from AN fertilizer in stock would be regular news. Contrast this to your linseed oil rag which could spontaneously self-ignite in your waste-disposal wheelie bin or even burn down your house but linseed oil in a bottle is safe.

    If AN is mixed with oil, it can be a different story. When an intentionally-ignited and burning AN-oil mix reaches a certain temperature, an explosion can occur. An AN-oil explosion is mild and definitely not hot enough to partly melt cars. The Murrah Federal Building blast was a thermite classic demolition test for the much-larger and mostly-untenanted Twin Towers (TTs) which were among the strongest buildings ever built.

    Notice that the Building Code was NOT changed despite the ON stating that the TTs weakened from jet fuel fires and pancaked. Also, aluminum airliners slicing through massive steel perimeter column/spandrel assemblies of the TTs and ending up inside the TTs defy physics.

    Neither would an AN-oil mix be able to excavate the huge crater measuring 400 ft in diameter and 140 ft deep at Beirut Port and partly melt cars. We are told the blast was felt in neighboring countries. The only logical explanation is that Israel fired a tactical nuclear weapon on Beirut Port since Israel had been eyeing to capture the water from the Litani River in Lebanon. Notice that the Hadera seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in Israel is the largest seawater desalination plant in the world.

    Thus, suspect ONs are misinformation bombs to destroy the truth.

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    1. I will get to the Lebanese problem bellow. Trying to keep it short.

      Ammonium nitrate Fertilizer is not that stable. It has very strict storage regulations in Europe.

      AN Fertilizer will destabilize over time, it must be stacked in a special way in a cool dry storage, regular inspections, safely disposed of after X period of time in storage if it’s not used.

      It naturally crystallizes into a Percusive Explosive over a long storage time, (meaning it only requires a physical strike from say, a hammer or other explosive device, or a sack to slip off the pile onto the floor to set it off).

      Farms have had serious warehouse explosions, which lead to strict storage regulations. In turn, garden centers will also have the same safety guidelines. That is why garden centres don’t go pop everywhere, garden centers also only store very small amounts.

      However, regarding the Oklahoma “truck bomb”, that was 100% blatant governmental lies from day one.
      It was clear that it was not a truck bomb, you could clearly see a pillar that failed to collapse in a controlled explosion. That major stone support had all the hallmarks of a failed C4 demolition charge scar on it. The truck bomb story was just a diversion.

      The “government” was planing something, the 1990’s were brewing and many of us knew it. “Scandal” after “scandal” was a regular tabloid front page.

      911 is a sick joke. That was demolition charges in the basement and Thermite placed in the upper floor steel supports.
      There has never, in history, been a steel building collapse from a fire. The building was also illegally full of asbestos, flammable asbestos ?

      Those planes were not “civilian airliners”, they were drones to cover the demolition charges popping at ground level, a day of intended chaos to confuse witnesses.

      Building 7 was the base of operations that day, so they “pulled it” after they flew the drones into the towers, destroy all evidence. Credible eye witnesses talked about explosions before the first “plane” hit. Many were dead before it could be put on trial.

      you can clearly see the demolition charges popping off in sequence in the concrete dust, bright flashes before the main explosion in the warehouse.

      Interesting, all those camera angles that day looking at the main event site, just like 911, all high quality too. Just a coincidence again I’m sure ???

      Israeli moSSad, most likely. A tactical nuke, no. Just regular plastic demo charges to set off crusty old storage AN fertilizer.

      I read that a “UK” company has been successfully sued for the warehouse explosion, but they are not telling who that is.

      One thing is for sure, there is more to these events than we will ever be told by our self appointed masters.


  2. Excellent comment Peter. The object of creating Israel was for many purposes other then fleeing persecution.Why would a Jew living in say,France want to move to Israel?

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    1. Fleeing persecution ?

      Ironic, they escape to an annexed land full of Nazi Zionists who hate and murder real Semites on a regular basis. They can murder anybody they want, in cold blood, commit ethnic cleansing, use illegal weapons, live on camera, with witnesses and, with 100% impunity. Even when they murder unarmed children.

      The more I study these evil Zionistic fake Jews, the more it confirms the suspicion that, they were the puppet masters of the Nazis. The death camps were their plan to get Israel in the future, and to remove all critisism or accusations of crimes post 1945.

      (Most people don’t know that the Nazis and Jews minted a coin together, but that is another story.)

      Why don’t the real Jews do anything to stop these fraudulent Zionists that control Israel ?

      Who ratted out Anne Frank ?

      It may all sound harsh but, when you study the subject, it is hard to find any other explanation.


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