The empire of lies and its Western vassals have been at war on Russia since 2014 by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts.

Russian intelligence confirmed what’s indisputable, a Kremlin statement saying the following:

There isn’t the “slightest doubt about direct (and) indirect involvement of (hegemon USA-dominated) NATO in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.”

“This level of involvement is rising gradually.”

“We keep our eye on this process.” 

“(I)t makes the whole story more complicated, but it cannot influence the final outcome of the special operation” — what was won on day one of its launch.

The Biden regime recruited Ukrainian Nazis to wage forever war on Russia, no matter the human toll.

Leaked Pentagon documents revealed the diabolical plan — including the recruitment and training of Ukrainian cannon fodder for front line duty with little or no training.

According to what Russian intelligence discovered, the empire of lies recruited nine Ukrainian brigades, each with about 4,000 expendable troops in pursuit of a lost cause.

Since launching its liberating SMO in February 2022, Russia eliminated well over half a million Ukrainian cannon fodder troops.

And this breaking news:

Secret hegemon USA/NATO documents detailed plans for hegemon USA and its NATO vassals to build up Ukrainian forces for perpetual war on nonthreatening Russia.

It’s further proof of the unparalleled threat to humanity posed by the empire of lies — a menace exceeding the worst of other rogue states in world history.

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  1. Unfortunately the US government is beyond corruption and evil to the core.
    Electing Robert F Kennedy would do nothing and lead to the same fate as JFK.


    1. I suspect that Kennedy is just another rope-a-dope diversion, in the same way we all thought Obama would be different to Bush (only to be more of the same). Or when sellout Sanders bailed and supported Clinton, she should never have been allowed to even run for office.

      Kennedy running is too good to be true, voter manipulation early in the electoral puppet theatre game ?

      Biden can’t hold it together for another term, although he should have failed his medical before office.
      We are as good as dead if Haris gets it. The Republicans are no better.

      Something nobody has noticed about Haris an Biden, they both have Irish family ties to the same name… Finnegan.

      Why is nobody talking about that ?
      Are they related or just an astronomical coincidence ?

      Is Trump the best of the choice of Devils ?

      Given this could be Americas last election ever, maybe people should think carefully about their voting options this time.

      Given that Ukraine is not resolved yet, my early money is on the Dems being selected again. The Biden crime family appear to have too much personal investments tied to Ukraine, I suspect that is why he got to be president over Trump. They may be done and willing to hand it back to Trump, I’m sure there is plenty of laundry to do via Ukraine.

      Keep in mind that Obama and Trump also helped start the Ukraine war.

      Trump will not end it, but then again, who will ?


  2. “No one needs Ukraine, so it will disappear, and it will not be on the planet.” — Deputy chairman of the Russian security Council and Former president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev

    See Slavyangrad/40873 on Telegram.

    To say “We” helped Ukraine is another truth inversion as Ukraine is murdered. How can you get more disparity than Reality “murdered” and Mythland’s “helped”?

    The ethnic Ukrainians will survive and “the last Ukrainian” does not apply. But as a national citizen, there won’t be people saying “I am a Ukranian.” The war really will wipe out the Ukrainians.

    The enemy within is killing us by the millions and the snowball is still going downmountain. The NeoCons are an enemy within and as Martin Armstrong says, war with China is coming.


    1. A big question is :
      Which group of migrants have they already planned to rebuild and repopulate Ukraine ?

      (Providing this does not go into nuke time for the entire planet)


  3. The U.S., sadly, is corrupt, decayed, fragmented, beyond repair, FUBAR is the military acronym that comes to mind. No matter how much I analyze the situation we are in, I cannot see a scenario where we can have even a slight chance recovery without massive turmoil. It is too late now, the cancer has spread into every part of our government and society. I see a pile of rubble ahead. Even as a pessimist in ways, I never imagined the percentage of disgusting criminals, traitors, sexual deviants, psychopaths, etc was so high in the US population. How can we recover with trash like that? No matter what real outnumbered Patriots try to do, the efforts will will be penetrated and destroyed. No way out now it seems.


    1. To be honest Art, America was always just held together by duct-tape and string.

      It only needs to appear to get done, just paint over the bad stuff rather than fix it properly, then sell it as new to a $ucker that does not know, Awesome, good job !

      That has been US standard thinking and attitude for a very long corrosive time.

      This is a main reason why Mexicans are a common target by US bigoted zombie slackers. Mexicans make Americans look bad.

      Mexicans tend to work very hard, do a good quality job, retain a strong sense of family that they respect. (That is my experience with them)
      Long abandoned values in America since Reagan was teaching the selfish greedy “me me me” psychology.

      “Divorce and what can I get out of it” is all that counts in modern America, money for nothing and “its somebody else’s problem now” (responsibility, accountability, honor and duty means little to the average American).

      The problem started in the 1960’s but accelerated with Reagan to present day.

      What can be done ?
      Is it too late ?

      Lead by example, be the positive change you want to see in the nation and society. Live life the right way to inspire others. Find peaceful ways to fix the problems.

      It can be done, it just takes a bit of effort. It is hard when dealing with the brainwashed zombie public.


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