The UN Charter Right of Self-Defense

A virtual state of war has existed by the empire of lies against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening North Korea since June 1950.

Throughout its history, the DPRK never preemptively attacked another nation.

It threatens none now except in self-defense if attacked, its UN Charter right.

To protect the nation from US aggression — a real threat — it’s entitled to develop and test weapons.

The Biden regime is sending nuclear armed submarines and bombers to South Korea for the first time in decades.

The hostile move comes despite no threat to peace and stability by Pyongyang.

It’s in response to the DPRK’s legitimate testing of weapons and military exercises — what hegemon USA and its Western vassals do routinely.

The Biden regime reportedly will sign a so-called Washington  Agreement to conduct joint military exercises with Seoul — what’s been going on for years.

Both nations already share intelligence.

The Biden regime appears eager for military confrontation with North Korea.

According to a hostile Pentagon statement:

“The deployment of US B-52H strategic bomber(s) to the Korean Peninsula demonstrates the allies’ decisive, overwhelming capabilities and posture to deter and respond to North Korea’s advancing nuclear and missile threats (sic).”

No such threats exist.

So the empire of lies and forever wars invented them.

Pyongyang is justifiably angry about what it considers possible prelude to more US aggression against the nation.

Its Foreign Ministry called on the international community to “strongly urge the (empire of lies) and South Korea to immediately halt their provocative remarks and joint military exercises.”

War-mongering extremist John Bolton called for redeploying nukes to South Korea, adding:

“Having tactical nuclear weapons back on the peninsula would be clear evidence of our resolve and determination to deter (nonbelligerent, nonthreatening) North Korea,” adding:

“Redeploying the tactical weapons does not preclude South Korea from getting its own capability, but it may give us some time to think about whether we really want to do that.”

Despite no threat of hostile actions by Pyongyang — none throughout the nation’s history — the empire of lies transformed much of South Korea into an armed camp.

Along with its own forces, hegemon USA has nearly 30,000 heavily armed troops in the country.

In June 1950, the empire of lies preemptively attacked North Korea, raping and destroying much of the country, killing millions, mostly civilians in harm’s way.

Korean expert Bruce Cumings explained “the extraordinary destructiveness of (hegemon USA’s) air campaign against North Korea,”

It involved “widespread and continuous use of firebombing, to threats to use nuclear and chemical weapons, and the destruction of huge North Korean dams in the final states of war.”

(The) air war leveled North Korea and killed millions of civilians.” 

There was no escape, and by “1952 just about everything in northern and central Korea has been completely leveled.”

“What was left of the population survived in caves.”

Do dominant Biden regime hardliners intend something similar to the above ahead?

Wars take months of planning.

Planning for US aggression against North Korea began after WW II ended.

Of the North’s 22 major cities, 18 were half or more obliterated.

The large industrial ones were 75 – 100% destroyed, and villages reduced to “low, wide mounds of violent ashes.” 

This was “limited war.” Achieving no more than an armistice, a stalemate, hegemon USA was on a roll. 

Southeast Asia was next on its target list for regime change.

Does the Biden regime have Korean War 2.0 in mind ahead?

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  1. Trump & Pompeo trashed a good chance to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. Why? The U.S. wants regime change in North Korea so it can establish military bases on the Chinese border, the same strategy being used in Ukraine and Taiwan, gunboat economics and “diplomacy.” But the results of the U.S. warmongering tactics have created an enemy with massive improvements in defensive weapons. Maybe even nuclear missiles capable of reaching the U.S. mainland. This is the result that Trump brags about but it is actually a huge failure.
    The Constitutionally illegal US global wars just keep marching on as the U.S. faces an economic collapse which will destroy American prosperity and Constitutional freedoms. The criminal treasonous US kleptocracy will not go away even if the economy collapses, they will push for more dictatorial powers. Added to this is the insane woke movement which is used to create social conflicts in the US population.
    Obviously, these enemies must be confronted at some point before we can return sanity to our decaying Nation and provide a decent future for our families. I think Tucker Carlson has made excellent speeches addressing the evil diseases that have infected our Nation. Maybe he will start a movement for a third party that represents the interests of the US middle class families.


  2. NK uses military personnel in spring and autumn for its planting and harvesting seasons. The USA-SK military exercises are timed to disrupt the planting and harvesting in NK.


  3. Contrary to Stephen’s statement that “a virtual state of war has existed by the [US] against … North Korea since June 1950,” The United Sates’ war against the people of Korea, in fact, began in September 1945, right after Japan surrendered. Whilst the Red Army allowed Korean resistance forces to form government in the north, US occupation forces in the south began a savage war of repression against those who resisted the Japanese and installed a government that included former Japanese collaborators.

    This war by the United States against the people of Korea, which continued overtly until 1953, is amongst the greatest crimes against humanity of the 20th century.


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