Hysteria in the US/West and Nazified Kiev Over Unstoppable Russian Advances

Dominant US hardliners apparently aren’t satisfied with their licking by Russia in Nazified Ukraine.

Will they double down by challenging China to try achieving unachievable Indo/Pacific dominance?

Will they pull who knows what ahead of November midterms while trying to avoid unavoidable approaching economic meltdown?

Dominant dark forces in both right wings of the US war party share blame for criminality at home and worldwide.

But since the Clinton co-presidency, then Obama/Biden and current usurper regime, undemocratic Dems proved that they exceed the worst of their predecessors.

After stealing the 2020 presidential and congressional elections, they installed a know-nothing Biden double in power because the real JB is too cognitively detached from reality to function in any official capacity.

Make no mistake. Usurper Dems are long overdue for a major slap down for their wrecking ball domestic and foreign policies — what may set the world ablaze if they’re not challenged and stopped while there’s time.

They remain hell bent to mass-jab unwanted millions and billions of unwanted people with kill shots to irreparably harm and eliminate them.

They’re at war by hot and other means against Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from their control — wanting them transformed into vassal states, their resources looted, their people exploited as serfs.

Because Russia is handing them a comeuppance in Nazified Ukraine, will they cross a rubicon of no return by shifting from proxy war to direct confrontation with Moscow?

Will they go the same way against China in defense of Taiwan that Beijing considers a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland?

Their creation and support of Nazism in Ukraine risks setting the world ablaze by throwing weapons and munitions at the regime to wage proxy war on Russia.

After the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, Ukraine became a US colony masquerading as a nation state.

When Moscow’s SMO ends successfully in the weeks ahead, referendums will be held in parts of Ukraine for their people to decide up or down on joining Russia.

When the dust settles ahead, rump Ukraine is likely to be much differently configured than 8 years ago after the 2014 made-in-the-USA coup d’etat.

Howls from Kiev are already audible, including by unacceptably foul language from the dirty mouth of so-called Zelensky “advisor” Alexey Arestovich.

Winners decide things, not losers.

Pouting and swearing by Arestovich, puppet Zelensky and other US-controlled regime officials won’t change a thing on the ground.

Demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine are clear Russian aims.

When achieved as planned, Moscow will do what’s required to assure that its positive changes aren’t reversed — not by the empire of lies, its NATO vassals or colonized Ukraine.

Separately on Thursday at a plenary session of the Eurasian Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin said the following:

Increasing numbers of countries worldwide want their sovereign independence preserved.

“No ‘world policeman’ can halt this natural global process. No one is that strong.”

US/Western anti-Russia sanctions backfired.

The dismal state of US/Western economies show that policies adopted by Russia have been “correct and justified,” Putin stressed, adding:

Soaring inflation, economic weakness and broken supply chains in the US/West “intensif(ied) global crisis” conditions.

On grand theft of Russian assets by the empire of lies and EU regimes, Putin stressed that “violation(s) of rules and norms of international finance and trade cannot lead to anything positive.”

On mass exodus of Western corporate predators from Russia, Putin explained the following:

Their loss is Russia’s gain.

“We will fill these niches. Our business, our production” will benefit from their exit as Russian self-sufficiency continues to grow.

The West needs Russian energy and other commodities.

Russia does not need the West.

“Its engineering and scientific centers are the basis of its development.”

That’s “what is important. This is what we should (focus) and work on both within the Eurasian Economic Union and” with other nations eager to benefit from political, economic, financial and technological partnership “with us,” said Putin.

It’s impossible for the US-dominated West to curb Russia’s continued rise as a major player on the world stage.

“In the current international environment, when, unfortunately, traditional trade and economic ties and supply chains are being destroyed, the Russian initiative to form a Greater Eurasian Partnership takes on a special meaning,” Putin explained, adding:

“We are grateful to the leaders of EEU member nations, who supported this proposal from the very beginning, and BRICS members China and India, as well as a number of other countries that expressed interest in this initiative, including members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN, and others.”

“The main idea is to create a common space of equality-based cooperation for regional organizations.”

“The Greater Eurasian Partnership is designed to change the political and economic architecture — to become a guarantor of stability and prosperity of the entire continent, taking into account the diversity of development models, cultures and traditions of all its peoples.”

A Final Comment

The Biden regime failed to force Russia into default on its debt by prohibiting its service in dollars.

According to Russia’s Finance Ministry, its debt obligation will be honored by payments in rubles.

“We have the required funds for servicing our debt,” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov explained.

Its Finance Ministry will keep agent banks updated on its efforts to service and repay its Eurobonds as per terms of their issuance.

At the same time, Russian advances in Donbass and elsewhere in Ukraine are unstoppable.

Pretense otherwise by the empire of lies, its NATO vassals, colonized Ukraine and MSM deception are debunked by indisputable reality on the ground.

7 thoughts on “Hysteria in the US/West and Nazified Kiev Over Unstoppable Russian Advances

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Here’s my Battle assessment,

    It’s predominantly based on reporting from Zrada XXII..

    I find him to be the Top Gun

    For Straight Up facts on the Ground .

    No reason to disguise the
    Big Enchilada…

    The ( ++ )

    Everyone knows it.
    When Odessa falls

    Pop goes the Weasel.

    That’s the Day Poland wants to cross the Border and act with Ukrainian State Power ..

    To take up the task of killing Russians.. .

    Which makes them Russia’s enemy..

    And Warsaw .

    Becomes a Legitimate Target.

    Prove me Wrong.

    Might as well Destroy a few more Cities along the Way to Kosciusko Place …

    Cracow is beautiful..
    ( Was Beautiful )


    Let the Zircons do the talking

    No need to get any Russian soldiers killed.


    Russia takes the Entire Black Sea Coast .
    To Transnistria..


    I might add .

    And Slap down any Pretentions
    The Uki Army has about their


    North of Kharkov..

    The Ukis are in their final despicable desperate motions.

    Anticipate Zelensky to split
    Town..with the Cash.

    Start preparing for 100,000s
    of Uki Army.. surrendering.

    Big Strategic Game almost over..
    The Mop Up could be thru the Summer.

    Maybe that’s too long.
    Could be over sooner than we think.

    Russia will need Guys who are,
    Insurance Agents
    and Human Resources Execs

    In Civilian Occupations

    Need about 500 of em..!
    Processing and Provisions will be critical.

    And obviously no Cease Fire
    Hoax until Russia takes Odessa

    I hear Walter Cronkite..

    “And that’s the Way It Is..
    May 27, 2022..!”

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


  2. Mr Lendman.

    To address my remarks to the important point you raised about China also on the Gangsters
    ” To Do List ”

    Simultaneously with Russia..!

    Only need one word , sir.


    Indescribable Madness

    Surely the Gangsters have a
    Death Wish ..

    Senility and Alzheimer’s kicking in on Uncle Sam..

    Sammy can’t figure out..

    Why his piss doesn’t reach the TIOLET BOWL anymore..!

    He doesn’t even remember
    He’s Broke.

    And needs to borrow money from China to stay afloat.

    We’re living in a Twilight Zone..!

    And European Morons want to jump on the Bus ..

    Just as Madman Sammy
    Drives it over the Cliff.

    Nazi Collaborators..
    Bad KARMA..!

    Go Russia and China.
    To Total Victory…!


  3. Mr Lendman

    Clearly the Zionists are trying to start another War

    The Israelis tell the US they killed the Iranian Colonel in Tehren..

    Why tell..?

    And it gets wide coverage..

    The IDF shooting Shireen and
    Attacks her funeral procession.

    IDF intensifying and upping their never ending cold blooded murder of Palestinians…

    Never seen it so blatant..!

    Around the World
    Top Imperialist Cop

    the USA provoking China over Taiwan as the Gangsters are simultaneously making War on Russia..

    Besides England..
    Little England is advertising
    all the high tech weapons

    like Shore to Ship missiles they’re sending to the Ukraine.

    What is it I don’t know..
    What is it I’m not seeing..?

    Some brilliant lecture
    Prof Golstein gave about
    the Peter the Great Statue..

    I feel like Evgenii in Pushkin’s
    the ” Bronze Horseman..”

    Peter the Great is following me around..

    taunting me..
    Laughing at me..

    Why is even little england provoking Russia to no end?

    Do the Gangsters have the new Superman Missiles like the SARMAT …?

    No, it’s impossible..

    No..nothing is impossible in War

    Something is amiss.

    We’re doing the
    The Death Dance..

    The Rumba straight to WWIII.



    1. Go Russia !! Victory is yours !! There is only one country stupider the the Europeans !!! AMERICA !!!

      Turn out the Red, White and Blue Lights !! The PARTY is over !


  4. Mr Lendman..
    I was just wondering if any country in Nazi Held Europe

    Let their Citizens vote on whether they wanted to send weapons to the Ukraine…?

    No…no they were never allowed to democratically decide on that

    In the former “Democracies of Nazi Held Europe ..!”

    But Here’s the Reason I write:

    Right Now ..Russia should start Demanding that only a complete

    Unconditional Surrender by the Ukraine will end the War..

    ( De Nazification of the Nazi riddled state from top to bottom)

    The entire State apparatus is rotten to the Nazi core.

    EXACTLY…like the Allies did in WWII..with the last set of Nazis.

    What’s the difference…?
    You tell me..?

    If Zelensky has split already for one of his several multi million
    Dollar homes..

    Like the home in Miami Beach
    Russia will have to find another Doenitz or Jodl to sign the Docs.

    Realize ..Millions of Ukrainians who fled..maybe 8 to 10 Million

    And another 200-300-400,000
    Uki POWS..

    Will be a festering problem for Yrs..

    Who’s responsible for those poor wretched souls the Gangsters used like poker chips…?

    Perhaps every Ukrainian citizen should be made to watch a film of all the Crimes the Azov Nazis Committed..

    The Bio Weapons Labs..
    Torture Chambers..etc

    Before they are repatriated.

    Similar to Eisenhower making the German townspeople walk

    thru the Concentration Camp
    Next to their town in WWII.

    Oh… because the N


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