The Tribune Tower of Babel: Former Home of the Chicago Tribune

The Tower on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile near the Chicago River replaced the original Tribune Tower — destroyed in the October 1871 Chicago fire.

Driven by a strong southwest wind, the city’s business district was incinerated at the same time.

According to

“It was like a snowstorm (with) flakes (of) red instead of white.”

Completed in 1869 — two years before the Chicago fire — the city’s famed Water Tower was one six structures that survived the blaze.

To this day, the Water Tower is a symbol of the city’s recovery to what it is now.

In 2018, the Chicago Tribune moved to new nearby quarters — after being headquartered for over 90 years in the Tribune Tower.

Living in the city since the late 1960s, I walked and rode past the Tribune Tower, as well as the city’s famed Water Tower and Pumping Station many times.

The latter two structures are included in National Register of Historic Places.

According to Architect Magazine, the Tribune Tower “is one of Chicago’s most treasured historic landmarks.”

Similar praise doesn’t apply to the Chicago Tribune’s editorial policy.

One of many examples is from an editorial last week, headlined:

“Putin talks menacingly of nukes (sic). These are desperate threats from a despot (sic) on the ropes (sic).”

What followed stuck exclusively to fabricated official narrative rubbish — worlds apart from reality about all things Russia and Ukraine.

“(S)teely visage and rank bellicosity reported by the Tribune applies to dominant Biden regime hardliners and most congressional members — clearly not model democrat Vladimir Putin.

Russians get the real thing.

Citizens and residents of Western countries get fantasy versions, democracy as it should be virtually banned.

And this Tribune fake news — pretending that the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine doesn’t exist.

And this perversion of reality:

“Everyone now is aware of simply how badly Putin’s blustery gambit failed (sic).”

And this fake news:

“He underestimated Ukraine’s will to defend itself (sic), and its potential to show that willpower into victory after victory on the battlefield (sic)” — what failed to materialize because vastly superior Russian firepower and tactical skills greatly degraded its made-in-the-USA military.

No battle “to take Kiev” occurred, none planned by Russia’s Defense Ministry, no rout of its forces anywhere at any time since its liberating SMO began.

And this Tribune trash:

Putin “dangled the risk of reaching into his large stockpile of nuclear weapons to realize his goals (sic).”

More of the same trash:

“(H)e now considers utilization of nuclear weapons as a viable choice (sic).”

More of the same:

He wields “power as a political cudgel, assassinations, cyber-offensives, and proxy wars, to call a few (sic).”

And this perversion of reality:

“Russian males are…heading to airports with backpacks and suitcases (sic), or piling into vehicles and driving towards the border (sic).”

Instead of cutting its losses and moving on, Tribune editors urged the fake Biden and his illegitimate regime to “double down” by pouring more arms and equipment down a Ukrainian black hole of waste, fraud, abuse and for Russia to destroy.

And they called on European regimes to let their people freeze in winter by halting imports of Russian energy altogether.

More of the same hyperventilating rubbish followed — some of the worst trash I spotted so far on all things Russia and Ukraine.

And it was written about a mile or so from where I live — its foul odor threatening to pollute my neighborhood.

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  1. Lizard Truss on August 24th declared she was ready to push the nuclear button when nobody threatened the UKies. The Russian statements to use nuclear weapons were in response.

    Napoleon was defeated by the absence of the Russian Army. The EU will be defeated by the absence of Russian gas.


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